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May 18, 2021

Prosecution of Laszlo Borbely approved

The Lower Chamber’s Juridical Commission approved on Tuesday the prosecutors’ request to green-light the start of the prosecution against former UDMR minister Laszlo Borbely. The request was approved with 16 votes in favour and 5 against. The former minister did not want to make any comments before the commission’s meeting, but stated after it ended that the prosecutors’ request is “an abuse.”

“On January 7 I found out from the press that the reopening of the case is being requested. Also from the press I found out that the High Court will discuss this case in my absence. I have made no statement so far, I believe one cannot solve legal problems through statements, but obviously, taking part in the Juridical Commission here, that is why I wanted to make the statement after the meeting, so as not to influence in any way the decision about to be taken. I haven’t asked for anything from my colleagues, I considered that being the people’s representatives they can decide and appreciate through their vote, in line with their conscience and training, the correctness of the things presented by me,” Laszlo Borbely said. Borbely is charged with passive bribery in exchange of interceding in order to facilitate the assigning of contracts, in a case that DNA Oradea has recently reopened.


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