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May 8, 2021

ANRP case: Businessman Dorin Cocos makes new denunciation to DNA, admits to having coordinated bribes

Dorin Cocos has made a new denunciation to DNA, this time in the ANRP case, where he is still on remand. Elena Udrea’s ex-husband admitted before the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors to having had the role of coordinator and distributor of bribes that would set things in motion at the National Authority for the Restitution of Property (ANRP).

Since he was told that, as long as he said what he knew, he might trade his Central Arrest cell in for the much more comfortable home arrest, Dorin Cocos has not stopped writing. After his denunciation on the illegal money in the Microsoft case he claimed ended up in PDL’s accounts and was spent on the 2009 election campaign, Elena Udrea knowing about it,  contrary to his previous statements, the businessman is now exposing all those with whom he shared the money in the ANRP case.

The command centre was his own office in the hotel he and Elena Udrea still own. Gheorghe Stefan would visit him there’re quite often to bring him the money. Elena Udrea’s ex-husband confesses to a bribe smaller by EUR 2 M than the one Gheorghe Stelian mentioned in his own denunciation. However, he gives a lot of details on how the money was shared.

The total bribe is almost EUR 13 M. Crinuta Dumitrean, for example, received EUR 1.8 M for two distinct cases. The money was sent to her with the driver in a folder.

Sergiu Diacomatu and Dragoş Bogdan, deputy head of the Tax Authority at the time, would visit Dorin Cocos’ office to collect their money themselves. Diacomatu collected a total of EUR 7.5 M on those deals. Dragos Bogdan took EUR 800,000. Cocos did not omit to say the sum he would retain – EUR 2.7 M.

The denunciation that ahs kept real estate shark Stelu free is being confronted these days with Dorin Cocos’ much expected confession. Fed up with being the scapegoat, Udrea’s husband has, in turn, made an extremely interesting denunciation. However, the bribe he reports is smaller by 2 M than the one confessed to by Gheorghe Stelian.

However, after his denunciation in the ANRP case, Dorin Cocos has a good chance that, at the beginning of March, when his arrest warrant in the illegal property restitution case expires, the prosecutors may request a change of the preventive measure to home arrest in that case too, as they did in the Microsoft one.

According to Dorin Cocos’ denunciation in the illegal property restitution case involving Stelian Gheorghe – Gheorghe Gabriel, Adrian Adrici Valentin Vişoiu, the total bribe was EUR 8 M, money paid by ‘Stelu’ to  Sergiu Diacomatu (5,000,000 euro), Crinuţa Dumitrean (1,000,000 euro), Dragoş Bogdan (800,000 euro) and Dorin Cocoş (1,200,000 euro).

But that was not the first financial cooperation along the Stelu-Cocos-ANRP financial cooperation, because the same successful property dealer had made another ‘deal’ in similar conditions, with the same partners. Representing the holders of litigious rights Ion Anton and Nae Nicolae, the latter deceased in a horrible crash, Gheorghe Stelian paid another bribe of EUR 4,800,000 for the approval of a different restitution application, the one also involving Ion Anton and Nae Nicolae. The only ‘partner’ who was skipped from the distribution of the bribe, according to Dorin Cocos, was Sorin Blejnar’s deputy, Dragos Bogdan. The EUR 4.8 M bribe paid by Gheorghe Stelian in the case was shared in the following way: EUR 2.5 M for Sergiu Diacomatu, EUR 800,000 for Crinuta Dumitrean and EUR 1.5 M for Dorin Cocos.





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