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February 2, 2023

Financing of PDL election campaigns under the magnifying glass

Vasile Blaga: ‘Mr. Cocos did not bring any money to the party’


Vasile Blaga, President of PDL and co-President of PNL, told Mediafax on Wednesday that businessman Dorin Cocos ‘did not bring any money to the party’ and that he had had no relations with him, adding that ‘anyone who contributed is on the official list’. Blaga added: ‘I have had no kind of relations with Mr. Cocos, we have no concern in Microsoft. Mr. Cocos brought no money to the party. Anyone who contributed is on the official list, a receipt is always issued according to the rules’.


Emil Boc: It will have o be checked


Former Prime Minister Emil Boc says Elena Udrea would demonstrate her innocence in Court. He also said that he had not been in touch with Udrea since her arrest but that he would do it if he travelled to Bucharest. On Dorin Cocos’ statements that he financed the PDL election campaigns, the former PDL president said ‘the official party records’ would have to be checked.

Asked if he and Elena Udrea had spoken since she was placed on house arrest, Emil Boc answered: ‘We have not spoken since she was placed on house arrest. If I go to Bucharest and I have the opportunity, of course that I will try to contact her’, the ex-premier said.

On Elena Udrea’s statement that Dorin Cocos had financed PDL’s election campaigns and if she knew that he had given PDL money, Emil Boc said the information would have to be checked in ‘the official party records’.

‘If he gave, we will have to look in the official party records. All official information is there, I have no other data on the election campaign. What I know is what exists in the official records of the party, I have no other details or nuances’, Boc said.


Traian Băsescu: I do not rule out the possibility that money from dodgy sources might have been used for my campaign


Traian Basescu does not rule out the possibility that his own presidential campaign in 2009 might have been financed with illegal funds. However, he does not believe that Vasile Blaga appropriated any amount as Dorin Cocos suggested in a denunciation.

‘I would be sorry to see that money from dodgy sources was used for my election campaign, but I am not excluding that possibility. We need to change the party financing law’, Traian Basescu said during a TV programme on Tuesday night.

‘No one would touch the money at PDL. If anyone came to me saying <I want to be a campaign sponsor> … <Boy, run to the cash register office!>






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