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November 25, 2022

PM’s sister heard at DNA. Victor Ponta: ‘My sister and mother are being lynched by media’

Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s sister, Alexandra Hertanu (photo C), reported to DNA Ploiesti on Thursday to be heard in the case where her husband, Iulian Hertanu, had been arrested for 30 days for hi-jacking EU funds. The PM’s sister would make no statements when she arrived to DNA. When she came out two hours later, asked by the press why she had been there, she said: ‘I had something to recover’.

Asked is she was aware of her husband’s businesses, Alexandra Hertanu answered: ‘I am generally aware’. According to cotidianul.ro, Ponta’s sister was heard by the prosecutors as a witness.

The premier’s mother, Cornelia Naum, was also expected to appear before the DNA prosecutors to testify on Thursday, but she never did.

Thursday morning PSD Senator Stefan Radu Oprea, former Prahova Prefect, was also interviewed by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Ploiesti. The senator told the journalists in front of the DNA building that he had been invited there as a witness and that he didn’t know in which case. After the interview, he said he had been heard as a witness in a case different to Iulian Hertanu’s.

Victor Ponta has posted a message on his Facebook page stating his indignation about the attitude of the media on the corruption scandal involving his family. ‘It is a great suffering for me to see my sister and my mother lynched by media just to hurt me politically. I love them and I will be with them my whole life, just like they are with me, and I wish me and my sisters had the strength of character and the balance my mother showed for all her 72 years!’ Ponta wrote on Facebook.

Iulian Hertanu, PM Victor Ponta’s brother-in-law, was arrested last week for setting up an organized criminal group, illegal change of destination of European funds and tax evasion in connection with a contract involving European funds for the expansion of the sewerage infrastructure in Comarnic (Prahova County).

In the cases of Ponta’s brother-in-law the President of Prahova County Council, Mircea Cosma, his son, PSD MP Vlad Cosma, and MP Sebastian Ghita are also investigated under judicial control.

Businessman Vladimir Ciorba and SC Grossmann Engineering Group, Ilie Drăgan, have been also arrested in the same case.


Sister to DNA, PM cuts inauguration ribbons


While his sister was being interviewed by DNA Ploiesti prosecutors, Prime Minister Victor Ponta Thursday morning made a working visit to the ‘Dr. Carol Davila’ University Emergency Military Hospital to inaugurate the Ophthalmology Clinic operating block. The head of the Government cut the inauguration ribbon and said, ironically, that the scissors had been bought at the lowest price within a public procurement procedure. ‘This is from procurements, at the lowest price’, Ponta said, smiling.



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