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February 1, 2023

Having fled country, MP Marko Attila wants to see his file

UDMR MP Marko Attila Gabor has written to the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies asking to be sent the request made by the minister of justice for the approval of his arrest, as well as his file.

Chamber Secretary Niculae Mircovici said the MPs did not know where Marko Attila Gabor was and were unable to send him his file which he could have studied only in Parliament.

‘Marko Attila Gabor wants the letter of the minister of justice and his file to be sent to an address he indicated or to the group in Parliament, I don’t know exactly. An approval has been given for a copy of the minister’s request to be sent to him. On the other hand, given the fact that the file contains elements that are not public, he could see it here. The file is still at the Chamber of Deputies, he can study it. The Standing Bureau has decided that the file may not be sent to him. However, there was a discussion on sending him the letter from the minister of justice and the decision was to refer his request to the Legal Committee for an opinion’, Mircovici said after the meeting of the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies. He also said that it was not the ‘job’ of the Chamber of Deputies to look for Marko Attila Gabor.

‘We don’t know where the MP is. He has travelled to Hungary, but we don’t know if he has returned or not, it is not our job to look for him’, Niculae Mircovici also said.

Marko Attila Gabor has written to the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputy saying that, since on 2 and 3 December he had not been in Bucharest, being away to Budapest to attend the Forum of Hungarian Representatives in the Carpathian Basin, and having in view that, afterwards, ‘through several letters sent to DNA’, he ‘proved his innocence beyond any doubt’, his request to the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies is to send him the entire file, together with the letter of the minister of justice, to identify ‘the existence of reasonable suspicion based on which the Prosecutor’s Office had asked for the approval of preventive remand’.

The UDMR MP also noted that, on 2 December, the Legal Committee had not generated the necessary number of votes and therefore made no proposal for the approval of his preventive arrest. However, on 2 December, the Chamber of Deputy, assembled in plenary session, adopted with majority of votes the decision approving his arrest.

On 3 December, the Chamber of Deputies indeed approved, with 171 votes in favour and 111 against, the request of the minister of justice regarding the preventive arrest of UDMR MP Marko Attila Gabor.

The minister of justice asked the Chamber of Deputies to approve the preventive arrest of MP Marko Attila Gabor, charged with abuse of power in the case also concerning ex-DIICOT chief Alina Bica.


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