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February 1, 2023

PNL launches governance programme, party leaders name it a strategy for Romania’s restructuring in accordance with President Iohannis’ vision

Liberals have kept their promises and drew up  their governance programme in the established term limit. The National Liberal Party (PNL) on Saturday presented its draft governance programme and placed it  under  public and internal debate, after the unification committee of the party approved the document.

“The programme will set the grounds of the partnership with Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, for the achievement of the project “Romania of things well-done,” PNL co-chairman Vasile Blaga (photo L) told a press conference on Saturday aimed to presenting the principles of this programme for Romania.

“As we promised on January 5, today, on February 28, the PNL unification committee approved the draft of the PNL governance programme,” Blaga announced, quoted by Agerpres.

The programme, directed towards the development of the middle class and of the domestic capital, also places emphasis on education and health, assumes all commitments deriving from Romania’s quality of EU and NATO member, but also takes into account the national particularities, and will be launched to public and internal debate, going to be approved in the party’s leadership forums in early April, according to Blaga.

The governance programme proposed by the Liberals observes the Centre-Right doctrine of the PNL and the European People’s Party (EPP), the PNL co-chairman added.

“The document is in accordance with the political programme in ten points launched by Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, during the presidential campaign. It will set the grounds of our partnership with the President for the achievement of the country project “Romania of things well-done,” Blaga underscored.


Alina Gorghiu: The programme plans to maintain the economic macrostability, as well as a solid public system


PNL co-chair Alina Gorghiu (photo R) told the same press conference that the PNL governance programme plans to maintain the economic macrostability, as well as some solid public systems.

Gorghiu added that among the Liberals’ governance objectives there is the creation of the conditions for the development of the middle class in Romania, so this segment can represent over 50 per cent of the Romanian society.


Gorghiu: The programme does not include : improvisations, image tricks and populism


Previously, Gorghiu mentioned in a post on Facebook what the programme does not include. improvisations, image tricks and populism.

“Today, I can only tell you what our governance programme doesn’t include: improvisations, image tricks and populism. The Right Wing populism is as dangerous and the Left Wing populism,” Liberal Co-Chairperson Alina Gorghiu pointed out in a post on Facebook on Friday.

Gorghiu also used the opportunity provided by the press conference held on Saturday to announce that PNL invites all those who want to support the Liberals’ governance programme to join this project for generating a parliamentary majority to change the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Government.

“The modernisation in all key areas is the objective that the PNL aimed at through this project of the governance programme. (…) The most important thing we are doing today, besides the presentation of the priority axes of the draft which Catalin Predoiu will make, is that based on this programme we are obviously launching the invitation to everyone, to all those who want to support a Liberal project, so that we generate a parliamentary majority to change the PSD Government. Certainly, this governance programme is the most solid argument which the PNL comes with and offers to those interested to support a programme and a responsible and performing government to implement that governance programme,” the PNL co-chair told a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of the Liberal governance programme for public and internal debate.

During the conference, the same message was also supported by the other PNL co-chairman Vasile Blaga.

“Based on this governance programme we publicly launch the invitation to all possible political partners to debate on it together, in order to create a new majority and to make up a new government,” Blaga said.


PNL’s Prime Minister-designate Predoiu: Romania can be changed through a partnership between the Gov’t and the society


PNL first deputy chairman Catalin Predoiu (photo C), proposed by the Liberals for the PM office, said that the Liberals plan through their governance programme “a vision for Romania’s restructuring on medium-term starting from the winning presidential platform in the presidential elections “Romania of things well-done.”

“It is a vision for Romania’s restructuring from a governmental stand. We are not tributary to the idea that the state or the Government solve all problems. Romania, the country, can be changed through a partnership between the Government and the society, through a partnership between the Government and the business environment, through a partnership with the academic and cultural environment, through a partnership between the Government and the Romanians abroad, together with our strategic partners,” Catalin Predoiu also said.

On Thursday, PNL First Deputy Chairman has announced that an important conclusion of the document was that “the good governance remains the best economic growth strategy.”

“Without a good governance, we cannot move things and we cannot create those interactions between the public environment and the private environment meant to create investments, jobs, confidence in our own economy, confidence in our own country project. (…) Good governance cannot succeed without a reform of the political, without a reform of the political parties,” Predoiu said.

The PNL First Deputy Chairman added, in context, that “it remains to be seen who will solve this challenge, to simultaneously give Romania both a reform of the political parties and a good governance.” “I dare say that, at least we, the colleagues of the PNL, are ready to assume such a challenge,” Predoiu also said.




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