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February 1, 2023

Elena Udrea to ICCJ judges before arrest: If I made mistakes, I made them as a political person

On Wednesday, Elena Udrea was once again arrested for 30 days, in the “Gala Bute” file, for allegedly having committed three accounts of bribe taking, abuse of office, attempt to use forged, inaccurate or incomplete documents to wrongfully gain funds out of the European Union budget and influence peddling in order to gain undeserved benefits.

Faced with the judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) who decided to arrest her, the former Minister apologized for her deeds as a politician, admitted having made mistakes in this field and declared that she would never denounce a higher-ranked person just to escape a prison sentence.


I will not make denunciations to escape the arrest


“It is terribly difficult for me to defend myself in this case, based mostly on two denunciations, made by Nastasia and by Topoliceanu. I am wondering, under the circumstances that some people admitted that they had received money but claimed that they forwarded it are getting away with it. I wonder whether this is the logic I am supposed to follow. In order to be released as a denounce maker, I am expected to say that the money I received was forwarded to a person ranked higher than I was. I will never do such thing and I will never say anything false”, Udrea declared in front of the judges, according to the statement presented by Romania TV.

On the other hand, Udrea admitted to having made mistakes as a politician.

“I have been in politics for ten years, I had conducted electoral campaigns, I have led political organizations and nothing of what a politician does is unfamiliar to me. If I made any mistakes, I have made them as a politician. And I am ready to pay for them, but I think that the entire political class should change the ways certain things are done. By example, the financing of electoral campaigns. The solution is not arresting one person, but changing the legal frame.”


I do not know how to prepare my defence yet, but I accept responsibility for having organized Gala Bute


“I was a good Minister, and things I have done as a Minister should not turn against me. I do not know how to defend myself yet, but I accept responsibility for having organized “Gala Bute”. I made a good thing for Romanians, although the Government was pressuring me”, Udrea declared.

The High Court of Cassation and Justice is to decide on March 5 whether Elena Udrea is released of preventive arrest or not. The former Minister had filed an appeal to the High Court against preventive arrest in the “Gala Bute” file.





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