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March 30, 2023

Monica Macovei launches “M 10” party (M at the power of 10)

MEP MonicaMacovei launched her M10 (M at the power of 10) party on Sunday, stating that it is a right-wing party. The slogan she proposed is: “Chances for everyone, privileges for no one.”

“We will take a step farther, as we promised at the end of the presidential campaign in 2014: the birth of a third political pole in Romania, without barons, without dirty financing. We are a huge force for change, because we authentically believe in freedom, justice and change,” Monica Macovei stated on her Facebook page on February 20.

The party was born from the “M10” Association set up in early January by Monica Macovei and the team she worked with in her presidential elections campaign last year.

In the speech she gave at the launch event that took place at the Students’ Culture House in Bucharest, Macovei, who resigned from PDL last year in order to run in the presidential elections as an independent candidate, underscored the total break with existing parliamentary parties. She stated that the M10 party is not the other half of the National Salvation Front (FSN), or the new National Liberal Party (PNL) or the old Social Democrat Party (PSD). “The M10 party is the first party that walks on the right path,” the MEP stated.


Monica Macovei: “It’s the only veritable right-wing party in Romania”


Monica Macovei stated that the new party plans to lower the public sector apparatus and the state’s role in the economy.

“I told you so many times: I won’t give up and I won’t give you up. You are here by my side to create a new party: the M at the power of 10 party. For a long time I have been fighting for democracy, for law, for freedom, but, like any idea, its time comes at one point. Today the time has come for the idea of this new party that would ensure modernization, jobs, environment, all that starts with a capital “M” and not only that,” Monica Macovei stated at the launch.

“Our party is the only veritable right-wing party in Romania, the only one that walks on the right path, there is nothing of what we see today on the political stage, it has nothing to do with the current political class,” the founder of the political movement pointed out. “The M at the power of 10 party wants a minimal state and a great country. That means a small state apparatus, with low bureaucracy, with a small government, a small Parliament, with as few interventions in our lives as possible, a powerful country. It will be the party of the people. We want capitalism, we want economic freedom,” Macovei added.

She pointed out that education is a priority for M10, just as administration. “We have before us a wave of politicians, a tsunami of corruption, of theft from our money. We are not riding this wave, we stand in front of it, it’s a wave we want to break. We have no money to give, no contracts and gifts for voters, for Romania we have our love, strength, freedom and intelligence to give. Come join us in fighting the wave of corrupt and lying politicians that make a mockery of us. Eventually we will prevail,” Macovei stated in her speech at the launch.


Adrian Papahagi: “Our outrage is sufficient to fight”


Former PMP leader Adrian Papahagi joined Macovei on the stage at the launch of the M10 party, launching attacks against the former president Traian Basescu, former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL), and former Popular Movement Party (PMP).

“We have to create the anti-system party, the party that opposes the rot and that would put an end to the mess we see now. (…) What is left of the political enthusiasm I had several years ago? Back then I was a virgin in politics. What is left of my enthusiasm? A certain hardheadedness that I share with Monica Macovei. My outrage has remained unquenched,” Papahagi stated. “We don’t know how outraged all Romanians are, but our outrage is sufficient to fight. And we are not fighting for some offices, we are fighting for principles,” he added.

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