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March 20, 2023

Traian Basescu at PMP headquarters: “I have confidence in the judiciary and in Elena Udrea”

Former president Traian Basescu was present at the headquarters of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) again on Sunday, where he had talks with PMP President Eugen Tomac and PMP Secretary General Dorel Onaca. On his way out, Traian Basescu handed out Martisor trinkets to female journalists and answered questions. He stated that the talks tackled the issue of the party’s county conference meetings, pointing out that he hopes a new party can be created, a party that was not involved in the transition, pointing out that maybe now an explanation is found as to why he does not join the party but only helps it out instead.

“They told me what happened at county conference meetings in Tulcea, Arges, Neamt, Maramures. Full house, a lot of new people and all hoping for a new party. I am pleased because I saw the pictures with the halls full of people; I saw how many young people were there. I was impressed with what happened in Arges and there is this hope that a new party can be created, a party that did not take part in this transition in which we took part. Now maybe you have the explanation as to why I am not joining the party but I am only helping them out instead,” Traian Basescu pointed out.

Asked whether he considers the possibility of becoming Premier, Traian Basescu answered negatively. He also added that if PMP manages to complete all county elections by the end of April he is convinced in 2016 it will be an important party. “If by the end of April they manage to finish all county elections I am convinced that in 2016 it will be an important party. For the time being they have no one to negotiate with,” Traian Basescu stated.

Asked about Elena Udrea’s legal problems, the former president reiterated the fact that he has confidence in the judiciary and in his former party colleague, stating that indicters are now in fashion.

“I am telling you only one thing that I will keep repeating until this process will end in the court of last appeal. I have confidence in the judiciary and I have confidence in Elena Udrea; indicters are now in fashion, that’s that. On many occasions I had experiences with people that said: “Basescu sent me,” “I gave it to Basescu”… I have confidence in Elena Udrea from this point of view,” Basescu said.

The former president also stated that he is happy PMP’s territorial branches are faring well. “I am very happy the party is doing well locally. A lot of people are starting to come toward PMP,” Basescu said.

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