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February 3, 2023

200 Rasdaq companies waiting to be listed on BVB

The general shareholders’ assemblies of almost 200 companies from the Rasdaq market have adopted decisions to be listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange’s (BVB) AeRO market, BVB Business Development Specialist Bogdan Mugescu stated.

“The decisions to be listed on AeRO are taken by the Listing Commission and the BVB CEO. If a company meets some criteria that BVB has in mind, it will be accepted; if not, it won’t be accepted, because all decisions are taken at BVB’s level,” Bogdan Mugescu stated at the second edition of the Retail Investors Forum that took place on February 27-28 in Cluj-Napoca.

Unlike BVB’s main market where in order to get listed a company has to meet stricter conditions, on the new AeRO market the anticipated capitalization has to be of a minimum of EUR 250,000, the free-float is of 10 per cent (or a minimum of 30 shareholders), and there is no need for a prospect approved by the ASF but only for a presentation document through the authorized consultant.

The companies listed on the Rasdaq market and on the unlisted real-estate market have to choose their listing option by October 27 when the activities of these companies legally ceases, in line with Law 151/2014.

Law 151/2014 stipulates that the activity of the Rasdaq market and of the unlisted real-estate market legally ceases 12 months since the law comes into force, namely on 27 October 2015. Thus, companies from the Rasdaq market and the unlisted real-estate market will have to decide in the following period whether they will move onto the regulated market or onto the ATS or whether they will be delisted.



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