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May 24, 2022

Elena Udrea, message from jail regarding the route of denounces

From behind bars, Elena Udrea is making a new media attempt to tell her own story on the intertwining in the file. On Saturday, she published, with the support of her communication team, a post on her Facebook page, revealing the route of denounces in the “Gala Bute” file.

In this Facebook post, Deputy Elena Udrea states that she has been denounced out of the need to find a scapegoat.

Here is the full message:

“Explanations regarding the ‘Gala Bute’ file”

An idea is falsely created that the money destined by the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism ( MDRT) to buy advertising was embezzled by Elena Udrea. There is nothing more false.

The bribe-taking accusations against the former Minister have no connection whatsoever to the organization of the sports event and are merely “attachments” to the file.

Here is the route of denounces:

Adrian Gardean files a denounce against Stefan Lungu and Gheorghe Nastasia.

After being accused, Lungu denounces Ana Maria Topoliceanu and also mentions Tudor Breazu.

Accused by Lungu, Ana Maria Topoliceanu submits a denunciation against Elena Udrea and pressures Tudor Breazu to testify on his turn against Udrea.

Breazu denies Topoliceanu’s statements and shows proof of the pressure she had subjected him to.

After Gardean’s denunciation, Nastasia initially denies accusations, and afterwards submits a denounce against Elena Udrea.

Conclusion: denunciations against Udrea only appeared after Topoliceanu and Nastasia were charged. The truth is that, after they were caught, they tried to forward the blame to somebody else.”


Udrea wants to be confronted with those who denounced her


Lawyer Alexandru Chiciu announced that Elena Udrea wanted to meet the people who had denounced her face to face before her appeal to the measure of preventive arrest in the “Gala Bute” file was tried.

“She demanded to be confronted with the people who denounced her. She truly wishes to see these men face to face, to look into their eyes”, Udrea’s lawyer  Alexandru Chiciu declared.

Elena Udrea wants that this confrontation to take place as soon as possible. “On Monday morning, I will demand prosecutors of a meeting of Elena Udrea with the persons who have denounced her, before the appeal to the decision of precentive arrest”, Chiciu said.

The other lawyer of the Deputy, Marius Striblea is not convinced that this confrontation will change any of the testimonies in the file. “It is highly possible that both parties will keep their position”, Striblea declared.

At the time being, the lawyer is focused on the appeal to preventive arrest, due to be examined on Thursday by ICCJ. “We will try to show that the ballot in the Parliament was illegitimate and that the file only includes denunciations. As far as denunciations are not based on any valid proof, there is no reason for arrest”, Striblea explained.

Asked about his client’s mood, Striblea declared: “She has an excellent state of spirit”.



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