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February 5, 2023

PSD National Council to meet on March 20-21: Victor Ponta prepares activity report

The Social-Democrats will meet in the National Council on March 20-21, to also elect a new head of the forum replacing Adrian Nastase. Victor Ponta said that, during the National Council meeting, he would present a work report for himself and for the leadership of the party.

After the PSD National Standing Bureau (BPN) meeting on Monday, Victor Ponta said the deadline for submitting candidacies for the position as President of the National Council was 15 March and that the applications would be validated in 16 March by a new BPN meeting.

Ponta also said that two of the several requirements for submitting a candidacy were the support of at least five organisations and minimum three years of PSD membership.

‘In what concerns the political activity, we have confirmed the agenda of the National Council on 20-21 March, the main topics being the new PSD political programme to be used in the 2016 election, my and PSD leadership’s work report, the statute changes and the election of a new president (of the National Council – a/n)’, Ponta informed.

The list of possible candidates for CN president includes Rovana Plumb, Iasi Mayor Gheorghe Nichita, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Valeriu Zgonea, as well as PSD Vie-Presidents Constantin Nita and Marian Oprisan.

On the other hand, Victor Ponta has announced his intention to propose to the National Council a change to the PSD Statute to introduce a political responsibility for the members of the party who are in various phases of a criminal investigation for possible corruption offences.

‘There will be a proposal that I will support and which refers to political responsibility, namely the offices that member must give up in the Government, Parliament, party, according to the stage of the criminal investigation’, Ponta said.

He noted that it was not about adopting sanctions against party members, but taking statutory measures regarding any member under investigation for corruption and who may not fill certain position during that period.

‘I am bringing the form I propose to the National Council. The National Council gives an initial approval, then the Congress adopts it’, Ponta said.


“Happy Birthday” wishes in advance for PSD honorary president Ion Iliescu


Social Democrat Party (PSD) chairman Victor Ponta bid, on Monday, ‘Happy Birthday!’ to former Romanian President and PSD honorary chairman Ion Iliescu who celebrates his 85th birthday on Tuesday.

The remark was made in the debut of the PSD National Standing Bureau meeting, in the name of the party’s leadership, and in the absence of Ion Iliescu, who has missed such sessions since the beginning of the year.

“Although a day early, but in our name – and I will tell him in person tomorrow – I’d like to bid “Happy Birthday!” to Mr Iliescu, and thank him for all that he has done and say that we all wish to reach his age, at least some of us. And I hope sincerely that March brings spring, because we’ve had enough of winter”, said Victor Ponta.

In past years Ion Iliescu preferred to celebrate his name day and birthday privately. According to some Social Democrat sources, close to the former President, Tuesday will see a concert in his honor being put on at the Romanian Atheneum.


Ion Iliescu announced he would attend the PSD Congress


In the time elapsed since the presidential elections, the  PSD honorary president Ion Iliescu has harshly criticized the present leadership of the party. After missing all PSD meetings in the last two months, after being blamed that presidential elections were lost because of his Communist past, Iliescu recently announced his colleagues that he was to show up at the Congress of the party, especially to point out what went wrong in his opinion.

Ion Iliescu explained that the inside analysis of PSD should be made at the Congress of the party. “I am coming to the Congress. There, we will see whether Ponta will remain the leader of PSD or not”, Ion Iliescu declared recently for Gandul.

Victor Ponta’s presence as Head of the Government was an inconvenience for the presidential campaign, Ion Iliescu stated.

“Governing was an unfavourable element. Obviously, it was a drawback to the electoral campaign. It was an advantage, but also an inconvenience, because they could speculate on everything that went wrong. Mistakes were speculated by opponents, by Liberals, by Mr. Iohannis, who came from a position of Mayor, with no experience whatsoever at national level. He tookn advantage of the respective circumstances”, Ion Iliescu declared.

The former Social – Democrat President criticised the Government for not being prepared and having no experience for the relation with the Diaspora.

“Our Government was not prepared and had no experience for the relation with the Diaspora. This discontentment of a great number of Romanians was well speculated by the Opposition. The Government of the country cannot solve their existential issues; nonetheless, the topic was well speculated”, Iliescu also declared in a statement for Gandul two weeks ago.







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