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January 27, 2023

Relu Fenechiu on his detention in Iasi Prison: ‘I painted the bathroom myself, I have slept in rusty beds’

Ex-PNL Minister Relu Fenechiu, currently serving a five-year prison sentence in the ‘Transformer’ case, states in an interview for ‘NewsPro’ that he had been ‘generally wronged; during his stay in the Iasi Prison. The former official speaks about the conditions in prisons and his plans about returning to politics and business after his release. ‘I want to complete my sentence as soon as possible, to be rehabilitated and develop profitable activities setting up new jobs, at least at the level before our conviction’, Fenechiu says. He also notes he had offered to redeem the transformers that sent him to prison, and he is waiting for an answer from the court on that.

‘I was accommodated in a prison room, on a wing for top-security prisoners both during my remand awaiting trial and in closed regime. The room was exactly like the other 90 on the same wing. I have slept in the same rusty beds coming from disused army bases, I have had the same windows that never close and the same filthy bathroom, with a  Turkish toilet and a rusty sink. About six months alter, I was given a bucket and a litre of paint. I painted the bathroom and half of the room (there was not enough paint for all of it)’, Fenechiu says in his interview.


‘I will be back to politics after I have proved that I was convicted following a judicial error’


‘In over a year I have benefited from no leave (although the law would have permitted up to 15 days), requests to see my child without a security shield between us or to be able to repair TV sets in order to shorten my sentence have been denied. Mr, Klaus Iohannis said ‘full stop, we start fresh from the beginning’. I don’t believe this means that those who have been caught should pay and those who have not been caught can get away with it?’ Fenechiu also says.

The former Liberal leaders also said that he had supported many people in politics and that ‘almost all politicians have benefited from campaigns using illegal funds’.

‘I will be back to politics after I have proved that I was convicted following a judicial error. Until that happens, I won’t d it’, Fenechiu also says. He notes that several media institutions and NGOs in Europe have been interested in his situation and asked for ‘material that could prove the judicial error’ in his case.

At the end of February, the Iasi ex-Liberal was transferred from the Iasi Penitentiary to the recently renovated Vaslui Penitentiary, in the neighbouring county.



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