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June 28, 2022

Ghita: The contract with Microsoft is among the most unprofitable ever signed by the Romanian state

Deputy Sebastian Ghita declared on Monday evening at the TV show “Power Games”, hosted by Rares Bogdan, regarding the Microsoft licence renting contract, that it is “among the most unprofitable ever signed by the Romanian state”, under the circumstances that “the money sent to Microsoft was paid un vain” as all computers purchased by the Romanian Government already had that licence.

“As for this contract with Microsoft, I think that it is one of the most unprofitable ever signed by the Romanian state. I think (…) it is money the company Microsoft owes us. All computers were already licenced. I think that this sum was paid in vain. All the money sent to Microsoft was paid in vain, because that money went to certain persons or services, for computers the Romanian state had bought throughout the time, and that were already under Microsoft licence. There were many forgeries in this contract”, Sebastian Ghita declared.

Moreover, Sebastian Ghita pointed out that “there was no involvement whatsoever of any company that ever belonged or was ever a member of the Asesoft group in this contract”.

“TeamNet never received any money from Microsoft, or Fujitsu, or any other company, and this is why I answered your call. (…) As far as I know, there was no involvement from behalf of any company that ever belonged or was a member of the group Asesoft in this contract. TeamNet was a company that was Microsoft’s partner, but no money ever passed through TeamNet. Let us check whether this contract exists, whether any money was paid, because my feeling is that people have made tons of calculations to justify some theft affecting Romania. During the days to come, we will manage to bring papers, proof and documents to show how this money was simply stolen from Romania. I would like to insist on the fact that all computers purchased by the Romanian Government owned a licence already”, Sebastian Ghita reiterated.

Asked why he revealed nothing of this information to PM Victor Ponta, so that the contract would be denounced, Sebastian Ghita replied:

“But I told him. I was among the people who opposed this contract and I think that my opinion mattered, as well, because the European Union wished no longer to sign these contracts with Microsoft at EU level, and the Ponta Government decided to end this contract, to overtake any Microsoft licences the Romanian state was operating at scrap value and to definitively kill these contracts off. The Ponta Government stopped these things”, Sebastian Ghita declared.

On the other hand, asked whether he had anything to do with the contract of the Romanian Lottery and the company Novomatic, Sebastian Ghita answered:

“Absolutely none. I do not know any further details about this contract. When the Romanian Lottery signed that contract, I had stopped doing business”, Sebastian Ghita concluded.


Political analyst Cozmin Gusa: Dosarul Microsoft shows us how the corruption was forwarded from one Government to the next


Asked by host Rares Bogdan whether the hypothesis that political analyst Bogdan Teodorescu might have been, as testimonies by witnesses show, the intermediary of bribe in the Microsoft File to personalities such as the former PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Karoly Borbely and others, Cozmin Gusa admitted that it might be the truth, also explaining the reasons this statement is based on.

“To justify what I say, I cannot avoid making a comment regarding a question all of us keep asking ourselves, both us and our viewers. How could Romania go on with this corruption despite of the alternation to power for so many years? This file shows us how corruption was inherited from one Prime Minister to the next, how they were publicly handing over their position to the successor, while they were privately handing over their deals, actually. It was based on the system perfected by Hrebenciuc: your commission is 70 per cent if you are in the Government and 30 per cent if you are in the opposition. This Microsoft case is like school and how we have the means to discover it.

We are discussing two scandals; one is related to Microsoft and the other to Fujitsu. Yet, the Microsoft case also concerns the American IRS and we may bet the IRS representatives will come to Romania, to check some things”, Cozmin Gusa declared.

“Fujitsu is a purely Romanian case, developed by a guy that had great relations and a well-positioned father, father in law and so on – who entered a virus in the entire society, from businesspersons to politicians and even, as we noted, political analysts. He made a lot of money out of nothing, money from undelivered licences and computers nobody ever bothered to turn on.”

“You cannot invoice six-zero sums for counseling. And I am aiming at Bogdan Teodorescu, who had destroyed all of the people he had provided counseling to.

These things happen in Romania as there is a lot of charlatanism here. The reason is obvious: we like crooks, we like charlatans, we like people who make money out of nothing.

The institutional problem we are facing, generated by these scandals, is that we seem a nation consisting entirely of guilty people, and political parties seem like criminal structures. And this is a huge issue, as a democracy the way we want it to cannot be led without solid structures. Who could replace them?

Neither of these greedy leaders, from Iliescu on, ever wanted to have political successors, but mere holograms of themselves”, political analyst Cozmin Gusa concluded.


Tariceanu, about speculations of involvement in Microsoft case: ‘If such elements exist, send them to DNA’


The Senate Speaker, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, on Tuesday stated that, if elements worthy of consideration existed related to his involvement in the Microsoft case, they should be brought to the knowledge of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA).

In his opinion, the mentioning of his name was part of a series of groundless speculations spread by a television channel facing “extremely serious financial issues.”

“If elements worthy to be taken into consideration existed, then I recommend those who have them to send them to the DNA. I recommend them this because I believe the DNA is the only structure with expertise in analysing such documents, or whatever you may want to call them. Besides this, I have nothing else to add, since I am not willing to comment upon such groundless speculations,” Tariceanu said before of the Senate.

When asked if it happened that he discussed about this matter with any of the prosecutors, Tariceanu said he did not.

“No. I don’t know whether they mentioned my name or not (…) I was just informed about my name appearing in a broadcast of Realitatea television channel and all that I can say to you is that, without knowing the financial situation in detail, I know that Realitatea is currently facing extremely serious financial issues. That’s why the television board or some of the journalists feel like they must try to approach such sensational topics,” the Senate Speaker said.






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