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July 3, 2022

Vasile Blaga in Brussels: “The partnership between PNL and President Klaus Iohannis represents a priority for Liberals”

PNL Co-Presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga stated in Brussels that the merger of PNL and PDL and the birth of a new Liberal party have opened an important stage in Romanian politics, a stage that marks the clarification and simplification of the political stage.

On Monday and Tuesday the two met EPP President Joseph Daul, EPP Vice President Anca Boagiu and EPP Deputy General Secretary Christian Kremer at the European People Party’s Political Assembly in Brussels.

Alina Gorghiu considers that the election of Romania’s first Liberal president is the guarantee of the continuation of the process of state modernization in the area of consolidated Western democracies. “The partnership between PNL and President Klaus Iohannis represents a priority for the Liberals and the draft of the new governing program represents the concrete form of this partnership whose goal is to achieve the “Romania of the job well done” country project,” Gorghiu stated for Agerpres.

“Economic sanctions against Russia should be continued”

In what concerns the conflict in Ukraine, the European People Party leaders that attended the meeting reiterated the idea of the need to uphold solidarity at NATO and EU level in order to maintain a coherent attitude toward Russia. “The economic sanctions against Russia should be continued. They basically symbolize a very important message: the EU and the US are not naïve, they perfectly understand the nature of this conflict and its developments. Russia cannot expect Europe to be a simple observer of its direct or indirect aggression against Ukraine and to take into consideration only the statements of Russian leaders,” Vasile Blaga said.

Alina Gorghiu stated that Romania firmly supports the peaceful settlement of the Ukrainian conflict, being concerned by the scale of the humanitarian crisis in the vicinity of its borders.


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