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June 19, 2021

DNA : PM Ponta generates serious public confusion when doubting report data on confiscation of criminal assets

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) is arguing that Prime Minister Victor Ponta is generating serious public confusion when doubting the data unveiled in the DNA activity report that regard the confiscation or retrieval of criminal assets ordered by courts in various cases.

DNA’s specification came after Prime Minister Ponta’s statements in an interview to a private broadcaster.

“Prime Minister Victor Ponta is generating serious public confusion by calling into question the data unveiled in the DNA activity report regarding the confiscation or retrieval of proceeds of crime ordered by courts in various prosecuted crime cases. In an attempt to justify the low retrieval rate of claims by the National Tax Management Authority (ANAF), which operates under the authority of the Government, Prime Minister Victor Ponta claims that the fact that ANAF would recover just 10 per cent of the claims under court rulings ‘is somehow a small lie,’ insisting that in fact there are no court rulings to order the retrieval, just liens that could not engage ANAF in the recouping of claims,” DNA reports in a press release issued on Wednesday.

DNA points out that its annual activity report, which was presented in February 2015 at a meeting where Prime Minister Ponta attended personally, mentions that “the final court rulings in DNA cases of 2014 included the confiscation and retrieval of criminal assets worth in excess of 310,000,000 euros, three times more than in 2013. Should the entire amount be retrieved, the entire pay pool the Government uses to pay doctors in Romania for one year could be secured. It is important that the tax authorities effectively enforce the rulings.”

It also says that the court rulings are enforceable and the institutions entrusted with their enforcement for the actual retrieval of the claims is the National Tax Administration Agency (ANAF).

“It is true that a distinct paragraph in the same reports mentions that the DNA managed to freeze assets in excess of 303 million euros in 2014, which is more than 13 times the DNA yearly budget. The amount alluded to is given by the liens placed in the cases that reached courts and it is a separate value from the value of criminal assets mentioned in the final court rulings, which is a fact any prosecutor knows,” reads the DNA release quoted by Agerpres.

A synthesis of the entire DNA 2014 activity report, as unveiled on February 24 by DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, is available on www.pna.ro.

DNA also says it posts on its webpage information about the final and binding sentences when they are issued, in the form of press releases, where also included are the orders of the court related to civil liabilities and confiscations ordered to recoup the damage established by judges.

Details of all the sentences and their content are available on the www.pna.ro web page, the section of final and binding sentences.


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