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January 26, 2023

Gala Bute file: Felix Tataru, Basescu and Iohannis campaign strategist, questioned by DNA

The Manager of GMP advertising agency, Felix Tataru, the man who had created the strategies for the campaigns of Traian Basescu and Klaus Iohannis, arrived on Wednesday to DNA headquarters, where he was cited by the prosecutors as a witness in the Gala Bute file. His name was mentioned several times in this file, and  Ana Maria Topoliceanu claimed that a big part of Elena Udrea’s bribe ended up in Felix Tataru’s pockets.

Felix Tataru arrived at DNA headquarters at about 10.30 am. He declared that he had no connection whatsoever with the file and that he did not know why he had been cited.

Asked whether he received money from Elena Udrea, Tataru replied: “What do you think I can answer to that now? I have no idea what this is about”.

Tataru mentioned having met Elena Udrea two times or so, and pointed out that he cannot say they were “friends”.

“We met because she was at PDL and I have worked for PDL”, Tataru declared.

Tataru denied having received “a bag of money” but added ironically that “he was paid continuously for his services”.

On Wednesday, DNA Prosecutors continued hearings on the Gala Bute file. At the headquarter of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) there was simultaneously a hearing of Stefan Lungu, the former advisor of ex-Development Minister Elena Udrea.

According to statements made by Ana Maria Topoliceanu, some of the money gained by Elena Udrea was forwarded to Felix Tataru as well.

Felix Tataru’s name – as he was the person who helped Traian Basescu win the presidential elections, as well as Klaus Iohannis, who had won the elections in 2014 – appears mentioned in stenographs related to Elena Udrea’s file.

After his hearing, Felix Tataru said he had testified on the agreements signed by his company, noting that it was not his business how the money would reach PDL and that he couldn’t have taken bribe as he had never held a public office. Tataru said his company had always received money for contracts into its bank accounts and that all those agreements had already been checked by DNA, and there would probably be more checks. Asked if he had taken bribe, Felix Tataru said he owned a company and had never had public office, adding: ‘Why would I receive bribe?’ Asked if he had any contracts with PDL in 2011, F. Tataru said he had. He added that he did not know the person who supposedly told the investigators he had offered him a shopping bag full of money.


Elena Udrea’s former advisor Stefan Lungu: I hope that the confrontation takes place; I do not know when


On Wednesday, after having been questioned by DNA, Elena Udrea’s former advisor Stefan Lungu declared that he was not afraid to confront his former boss and that the hearing is “normal” because every prosecutor needs to gain information”, and pointed out that he hoped he would be confronted face to face with Elena Udrea

“I hope it will happen (the confrontation – editor’s note). We do not know when it is going to happen. I completely agree (with being confronted face to face, editor’s note)”, Lungu declared, refusing to make any further statements and pointing out that he did not comment on information in the file”.

Stefan Lungu is under home arrest, as a defendant in the Gala Bute file, accused of influence peddling.

Recently, Elena Udrea expressed the intention to attend a face-to-face confrontation with the persons who had denounced her, before the appeal to the measure of preventive arrest related to the Gala Bute File was tried.

Stefan Lungu,one of the persons who denounced her, declared on Tuesday that, despite of the fact that he was granted no interdiction, he decided not to speak out in public until the end of the inquiry.

Asked whether he was afraid of a confrontation with Elena Udrea, Stefan Lungu replied: “I am afraid of absolutely nothing”. “I completely agree with anything they want so that the truth would be found out”, Lungu added, refusing to answer any further questions.

Gheorghe Nastasia, former Secretary General in the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism refused to make any statements.

Lawyer Alexandru Chiciu had recently announced that Elena Udrea wanted a face to face confrontation with the persons who had denounced her, before the appeal to the measure of preventive arrest in the Gala Bute file was tried.

Stefan Lungu is one of the people who have testified against Elena Udrea. He is currently being investigated under house arrest for trafficking in influence in his capacity as personal advisor to the Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, Elena Udrea, ex-manager of SC Last Time Studio SRL.





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