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January 26, 2023

Ion Iliescu, at his 85th anniversary: I feel fine, as if I’m thrice 25 years old

The Bucharest Club has organized, on Tuesday evening, at the Romanian Athenaeum, a concert in honor of former President Ion Iliescu, who has turned 85 on Tuesday.

“I feel fine, as if I’m thrice 25 years old”, said Ion Iliescu before the concert.

Together with the honorary chairman of the Social Democrat Party were numerous personalities of the political, academic, cultural, and diplomatic life as well as old collaborators of his and party colleagues.

Upon entering the Romanian Athenaeum, tenor Pompei Harasteanu, accompanied by several people, sang “Happy Birthday to You!” to the former President.

“At his 85 years of age I bid him many years to come, health, joy and health for his family”, said President of the Court of Accounts and former Prime Minister Nicolae Vacaroiu to Ion Iliescu.

Andrei Nastase, son of former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase, came to the concert together with his girlfriend.

“My father is not in the country. If he were, he would’ve been present. (…) Mr. Iliescu means for the party more than many realize”, he said.

Congratulating the former President on his birthday were also President Iohannis, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu and other personalities, Agerpres reports.


Iliescu on PSD Convention: There is no hurry, reflection time is needed


Honorary Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) Ion Iliescu believes that holding a convention of the PSD Congress is no longer urgent, arguing that a reflection time is needed to digest the end-2014 results.

“There is no hurry, and there is need for a reflection time after the year-end results, is not it? I mean a time when the party members have to draw some conclusions and learn some lessons; there should be a natural discussion by the leadership of the party, which is the biggest party in Romania having responsibilities. A convention is no insignificant matter,” Iliescu told journalists at the Romanian Athenaeum.

He added that he will most likely attend a convention of the PSD National Council on March 20-21. “I guess I will be at the conventions of both the council and the congress; we shall see,” said Iliescu.

In the opinion of PSD’s honorary chairman, electing a new chair of the National Council is opportune. “That is a party structure; [Adrian] Nastase was its chairman for some time. The council will have to state whether or not it elects its chair, because it is part of the party’s statutory composition,” said Iliescu.

Asked for a piece of advice to PSD, Iliescu refused to answer. “I will not disclose secrets. I am adjusting [my speech],” he said.

As for his absence of late from the PSD party meetings, Iliescu said that was mainly because of his age, but that he keeps in touch with the PSD leadership. “This is age related; I cannot attend all the meetings. I will attend the most important of them selectively. Nonetheless, we communicate both directly and indirectly, but I have skipped some of the meetings. I want to use my time to continue writing,” said Iliescu.


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