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January 26, 2022

Monica Macovei: “This thing about Udrea meeting Ponta shocked me. It’s a big mess”

MEP Monica Macovei, the former Justice Minister that launched her “M-10” party on March 1, expressed her “shock” in what concerns the fact that Elena Udrea met Victor Ponta in 2013 in order to talk about the appointment of the National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) Chief Prosecutor. “Of course it’s not normal, I didn’t even expect it. I went through a lot and I have seen a lot of bad things in the government and in Romanian politics. This thing about Udrea meeting Ponta shocked me. If they decided without selection procedures, it should have been arranged between the Justice Minister – Ponta at the time – and the President. Udrea went there as what? (…) It’s a big mess. I suppose they wanted prosecutors that would not have investigated them. Bica was a friend,” Monica Macovei stated on Adevarul Live.

“They are strong institutions; I don’t think it has weakened them. She is doing what other defendants have done too: hitting against the DNA, against High Court judges, SRI was targeted before too, because SRI offers intelligence in criminal case and in national security cases. Corruption is one of the threats to national security too. They offer intelligence. And, in addition, if they monitor someone over a national security issue they inform the DNA. It’s good and very normal. Politicians have always hated this part. They have to stay strong. I am convinced they want to behead the SRI and DNA. It’s understandable,” Monica Macovei stated.


On DNA Director Laura Kovesi: “I proposed her as general prosecutor”


Asked about the fact that Elena Udrea was placed under preventive arrest on the basis of denunciations, Monica Macovei stated that she does not believe that is all there is to it. “This is the judge’s job, I have no comment. On the other hand, I doubt there are only denunciations. My feeling is that there is more to Mrs. Udrea’s case than mere denunciations,” the former Justice Minister said.

Concerning DNA’s sustained activity lately, the MEP stated that she believes a change of the DNA’s leadership will jeopardize its activity. “You should know that it will end if you change the leadership. Who the people are is very important. You cannot say that all prosecutors are just as courageous and professional and handle such cases, not to mention that we have corrupt people in the judiciary too. Such as Mrs. Bica. And there are others too,” Macovei stated, adding that she was the one who proposed Laura Codruta Kovesi. “I proposed her as general prosecutor. I didn’t know her or Morar. I received several CVs and recommendations, I had an interview with her too, among others. I failed with others,” Macovei pointed out.


“Nobody talked about illegal financing in my presence”


In what concerns the illegal financing of PDL, a subject that is discussed lately, the former PDL member stated that she suspects there was nothing “all right” in any party. “You do realize that nobody talked about illegal financing in my presence. You do recall how much I struggled to force through the Ethical Code. In it there were mentions about illegal financing too. I believe there was nothing all right in any party. How much and how, I didn’t know. We looked only at this campaign, how many banners Ponta and Iohannis had. I won a lawsuit in Cluj against both of them, because the banner has to point out who produced it. The court ordered them removed,” Macovei stated.


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