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January 27, 2023

Ponta Government’s biggest failure: Absorption of European funds not making progress

* In February the absorption of European funds grew by 0.13 pc month-on-month


Not a day passes without the European Funds Ministry issuing a press release. Most of them prove how eager Minister Teodorovici is to boast about all kinds of actions and programs. At the same time however, they prove how impotent this ministry is when it comes to absorbing European funds.

Yesterday, Minister Eugen Teodorovici once again wanted to boast through a communiqué. Here is what it says: “This year Romania has collected over EUR 460 M from the European Commission. On February 27 our country was reimbursed approximately EUR 303 M as part of the Transport Sectoral Operational Program and the Regional Operational Program.”

Most of the reimbursements were part of the Transport Sectoral Operational Program (EUR 233 M), while the rest were part of the Regional Operational Program (EUR 80 M).

The sum the European Funds Minister talks about is insignificant, considering that this year, the last year in which we can still draw EU funds from the 2007-2013 financial exercise, Romania is entitled to EUR 9 bln. Eugen Teodorovici however cannot stop boasting and informs us that the current absorption rate surpassed 52 per cent at the end of February. He should have told us that at the end of the previous month, on January 31, the absorption rate stood at 51.87 per cent. So the monthly progress stands at 0.13 per cent. An almost shameful “jump.”

This will not prevent the minister from repeating what he has been telling us for over a year. Namely: “We will reach an absorption rate of approximately 80 per cent at the end of this year, a crucial year because it is the last one in which we can still draw the funds earmarked for the 2007-2013 period. We already have an action plan based on continuing the measures on simplifying and rendering efficient, measures we have applied ever since the start of 2013, a plan through which we answer Commissioner Corina Cretu’s Task Force initiative.”




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