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June 29, 2022

Severely ill and imprisoned, Monica Iacob Ridzi makes desperate plea to Justice Minister

Ex-Minister Monica Iacob Ridzi, severely ill and imprisoned for two weeks, executing a five-year sentence, complained about penitentiary conditions. She made a “desperate plea” to the Justice Minister to visit penitentiaries and see the conditions granted to convicts, pointing out that the medical care in prisons is precarious and that, for a person in her condition, jail sentence is conviction to death.

“I publicly beg of you, Mr. Justice Minister, to personally visit penitentiaries and see the conditions convicts are kept in and how the employees are working. Perhaps you could grant more money to those who, despite not being guilty, are convicted for the second time by being kept in penitentiaries.

I hope, Mr. Minister, that you are not thinking that “they had it coming, they committed crimes and they should suffer. We should not invest in penitentiaries.” You know, Mr. Minister, slow and agonizing death is much more painful and it is a form of torture. For an ill person like me, a jail sentence is actually prison to death because the penitentiary system you are managing cannot provide me and the thousands of convicts in Romania at least the barest level of decency and human dignity.


It is an invitation to reflect. It is a desperate plea. I understand that I must carry my cross to the very end. Nonetheless, I want to survive, because of my children, as no Court in the world and nobody can separate us. They are, finally, the only determination left for me”, Ridzi wrote on her personal blog.

Monica Iacob Ridzi was sentenced definitively, on February 16, by the High Court, to five years of prison for abuse of office regarding the events organized on Youth Day, in 2009.


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