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September 20, 2020

Fenechiu: 16 MPs will be active within the Democrat and Popular Parliamentary Group

MP Daniel Fenechiu announced on Wednesday that six PMP MPs will join the former PP-DD Parliamentary group.

“We announce that, starting as of now, the MPs that founded PND (the National Democrat Party – editor’s note), along with the PMP MPs, have taken the decision to act jointly within a group. Basically, starting today, 16 MPs will be active within the Democrat and Popular Parliamentary Group,” Daniel Fenechiu stated for Agerpres.

He pointed out that each party will keep its identity and the reason for the association consists of a better exercise of the Parliamentary mandate and a better affirmation of political intentions.


“We will not receive indications from Traian Basescu”


Answering a question, Fenechiu claimed that he will not be receiving indications from former President Traian Basescu.

“We will not receive indications from Traian Basescu because we are adults, we are wise, we know what to do with our parliamentary mandates. (…) President Basescu, like any politician in this country, may have good or less than good ideas. The moment when President Basescu comes up with a good idea, we will undoubtedly act on it. If the idea does not satisfy our way of seeing things we will tell him: Mr. President, we have a different opinion,” Fenechiu pointed out.

Asked whether PNL is asking them to join together in order to form a majority, he stated that he does not know what he will do. “We will discuss, we will analyze, we will see what they request, we will see who they want to nominate as Prime Minister, we will see what their vision is and, when we have this information, we will consult and we will democratically take a decision and let you know,” Fenechiu explained, being quoted by Agerpres.

In his turn, PMP President Eugen Tomac stated that the political group is open to dialogue. Stefan Burlacu will continue to be the leader of the Parliamentary group, assisted by Clement Negrut.


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