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January 18, 2022

Reactions to Nine O’Clock articles* Constantin Nita, former Economy Minister: Who is “sensitive” to pressure from renewable energy sector companies?

My party colleague Florin Constantinescu and another two or three MPs that are members of the Energy Commission. What is surprising for me is that Mr. Gerea has entered this discourse too.

“Specialists” such as the aforementioned colleagues never appeared to be interested or puzzled that Romania has had, for years, the most profitable green certificates system for renewable energy companies. A fact that has led to costs which are far too high for household consumers and large industrial consumers. The latter have seriously taken into account lowering or shutting down their activity because of the high sums they paid for renewables.

But gentlemen such as Mr. Constantinescu are not sensitive to “trifles” such as hundreds of thousands of employees that could lose their jobs or millions of Romanians that pay unjustifiably high electricity bills.

Romania had remained an Eldorado in this domain in which companies were making unhoped-for profits and their investments were touching other sectors very little: they do not generate jobs, the equipments are imported etc.

Hundreds of projects were started, only started but not finalized, some actually by investors “sensitive” to this sector. Why? Only in order to enter the extremely profitable game of the green certificates system.

Moreover, the Romanian supporters of renewable energy were also not interested in the fact that the EC did not oppose the restructuring of this system of subsidies. Likewise, let us not forget that Romania has reached the 20 per cent share of electricity produced from renewable sources imposed by the EC, a fact that lowers pressure on this domain.

The Ponta Government decided to postpone the green certificates support offered to renewable energy companies, not to put an end to it.

The companies have decided that this is unacceptable and, after threatening to pack up their projects and leave Romania, they thought it would be better to promote their cause and impress as many people as possible. And some allowed themselves to be impressed without caring or analyzing the general context of the Romanian economy. Their energy strategy?! To revert to the system through which we enrich some by taking from others!

I will oppose this kind of mentality, which is completely not in Romania’s favour, every time I get the chance!




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