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January 27, 2023

U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires in Bucharest, Dean Thompson read stories in Romanian to Ferentari children

The US Embassy Charge d’Affaires in Bucharest, Dean Thompson, read tales in Romanians to children from Ferentari. The event took place on Wednesday, on the Read Aloud  Day celebrated in over 80 countries, according to TVR.

With a strong American accent, Dean Thompson read to children in School 136 in the Ferentari district of Bucharest ‘The Very Greedy Caterpillar’ story. His wife, Jane, then told them the story of a hippopotamus in English.

The pupils were offered books by the officials of the American Embassy in Bucharest and were encouraged to read.

‘The most important thing for us is to spend time with children and hopefully help them love books and reading’, Dean Thompson told the journalists. His message to the children was: ‘Books open up an entirely new world for us. If I want to find out things about a country I’ve never been to, I will probably find that in a good book’. The US official added: ‘The most awesome thing you can keep from childhood to maturity is the love for books and reading’.


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