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February 4, 2023

Postal and electronic voting back to Parliament

Two new bills – one on postal voting and one on electronic voting – have been tabled in Parliament. PMP MP Eugen Tomac has submitted the two draft laws in Parliament, after two months when they had been under public debate.

‘As promised, I have tabled in the Romanian Parliament the two legislative initiatives which will do justice to the millions of Romanians who were humiliated on 16 November’.

After the postal voting bill had been rejected by the majority in Parliament in December, we came back with an improved version as well as a new bill introducing the electronic voting’, Eugen Tomac states on Facebook.


Eugen Tomac: ‘It is the supreme test the political establishment must take before the citizens’


People’s Movement Party President Eugen Tomac Tomac promised to attend every meeting of the joint omission of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate developing electoral legislation, legislation proposals for amending the law of political parties and the law on the financing of political parties and elections campaigns ‘to support a substantial change of the manner of organizing elections abroad’.

‘This is the supreme test the political establishment must take before the citizens. The presence of millions of Romanian citizens abroad forces Bucharest authorities to adjust the legal framework so that they can vote under decent conditions. The two bills are now during the legislative procedure in Parliament and will be debated by the plenary of the two chambers’, Tomac concluded.

The postal voting bill was rejected in December, right after the presidential election, by the Chamber of Deputies because of significant vulnerabilities in respect of voting security. MP Eugen Tomac, who initiated the draft law, told Ziare.com at the time that the MP had sent out in that way a signal of scorn and disinterest in the millions of Romanians based abroad.



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