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August 10, 2022

Traian Basescu says that Nana temporary seizure is a political action against him: Prosecutor General’s Office notified CSM on Basescu’s statements

Is former president Traian Basescu beginning to lose his trust in an independent justice system?

The ex-president says he feels guilty to the 127 Nana families whose properties returned to them between 1996 and 2010 have been frozen and thinks that all those families bear the consequences of a political action against him.

The ex-president reacted on Facebook on Saturday, two days after the Court had declined the appeal made by his daughter, Ioana Basescu. The ex-president’s reactions happened a few days after the sequestration of over 700 ha of farmland at Nana had become public. The investigation targets 12 individuals, former or current members of the local administration of the commune, suspected of illegally returning hundreds of hectares of land from 2005 to 2010.

‘I feel sorry for the 127 families in Nana whose land returned from 1996 to 2010 has been frozen. Those families bear the consequences of political actions against me. I do not rule out the possibility that illegalities might have happened during the property returning process, but that is for the justice to find out and those who broke the law will definitely be held liable.

I hope that similar investigations are conducted everywhere else in the country starting with Vrancea and Timis, for example.

Ioana Basescu bought the 290.4 ha from an Italian company in October 2013 based on legal records in the Land Register, in complete good faith. I wonder why no investigation was made during the three years when the Italian company owned the property?”, Traian Basescu states on Facebook.


12 persons under criminal investigation in the case of land restitutions at Nana


Last summer, the prosecutors commenced criminal investigations against several individuals suspected of having defectively carried out their job duties in connection with the restoration of ownership rights over land in the Calarasi Nana locality. A total of 12 are under investigation so far. The prosecutors claim they are guilty of setting up an organised criminal group, money laundering, abuse of office, forgery and uttering.

The Tribunal of Calarasi has retained the temporary seizure order on the land ex-President Traian Basescu’s eldest daughter, Ioana Basescu, owns in Nana, which the prosecutors believe had been illegally returned. The sequestration was instituted by the High Court Prosecutor’s Office on 16 February. The land of Ioana Basescu and of some of the defendants in the case was temporarily seized.

The investigators froze several movable and immovable assets, as well as 735 hectares the prosecutors believe had been illegally retuned. Out of the over 700 ha secured by the prosecutors, almost 300 ha belong to Ioana Basescu. The former president’s daughter purchased the property two years ago with a loan of EUR 1 M offered by CEC Bank under unclear conditions.

Traian Basescu’s daughter has challenged the freezing of her assets in Court. However, the Tribunal of Calarasi on Thursday declined her appeal against the freezing measure.


Prosecutor General’s Office finds is regrettable that a former president of Romania  questions the independence and impartiality of prosecutors


The Office of the Prosecutor General has notified the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) on the statements made by ex-President Traian Basescu on the sequestration of his land in the rural Nana locality.

‘With a view to the statements made publicly by Mr. Traian Basescu on the criminal case for the restoration of the right of ownership and lease of properties in the commune of Nana, Calarasi County, the Public Information and Press Relations Office of the Prosecutor’s Office of the High Court of Cassation and Justice makes the following clarifications:

The process measures taken by the prosecutors in a criminal case are only analysed and validated by a judge. The leadership of the Public Ministry finds it regrettable that a former president of Romania questions the independence and impartiality of prosecutors, which is something of a nature to hurt the prestige and credibility of the judiciary.

In this context, the leadership of the Public Ministry is calling upon the Superior Council of Magistracy as a guarantor of the independence of the judiciary under sections 1 and 30 of the Law No. 317/2004 to fulfil its legal obligation of defending the judges and prosecutors against all actions that might affect their independence or impartiality of create suspicions on them’, a press release issued by the Office of the Prosecutor General on Saturday states.


Radu Tudor: Basescu poses as political victim in Nana story


After ten years when others have been complaining about being victims of the political regime, it is now Traian Basescu’s turn to claim he is under political attack. All because of the Nana farm, the ex-president says and apologises to the Nana locals who suffer because of the seizure of his family’s property. Basescu also says he is a victim of his political opponents. He’s asking the authorities to check the process of reinstatement of ownership rights over land in Vrancea County, where Marian Oprisan is the President of the County Council, and in Timis, county led by Victor Ponta’s father-in-law, Ilie Sarbu.

Journalist Radu Tudor toughly criticises Traian Basescu’s reaction to the sequestration of his Nana farm and calls him the father of mobsters.

‘The suspect Traian Basescu, the patron of a political mafia of unprecedented magnitude in the last 25 years, poses as a political victim in the Nana story. He, who for 10 years has supported the prosecutors beyond the limit of democracy, now says the investigation conducted by the Office of the Prosecutor General is politically-driven’, the Antena 3 TV star states on his blog.








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