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May 19, 2022

Victor Ponta, message for Monica Iacob Ridzi: A country that lets the mother of two children die in prison is a barbarian country

PM Victor Ponta declared on Saturday that he was not delighted at all seeing women in handcuffs, even if said women were his “political adversaries”. Referring to the former Youth Minister in the Boc Government, Monica Iacob Ridzi (photo) , PM Ponta declared that “a country that finds no legal solutions to prevent the mother of two children from dying in prison is a barbarian country”.

At the Reunion of PSD Women’s Organization entitled “Social-Democrat Spring”, organized to celebrate Women’s Day, Victor Ponta declared that people who make mistakes must pay and the number of handcuffs they wear should not be the only thing that matters.

“I do not want to believe that the only thing that matters in a country is the number of handcuffs you put on people. If I believed it, I would have joined Ms. Macovei. I think that people who make mistakes must pay, but I also think that the rest of us should think what we can do well instead of enjoying other people’s misfortune.

I will say a thing that will bring me criticism. I am never happy when I see women in handcuffs, even if they are political adversaries or they made wrong things. I think that a country that finds no legal solutions to prevent the mother of two children from dying in jail is a barbarian country. I do believe this thing. Consider it self-criticism, as well”, Ponta declared.


Monica Iacob Ridzi visited by her husband and two children


Ex-Minister Monica Iacob Ridzi was transferred to the External Section in Cluj of the Gherla Penitentiary to the Jilava Hospital Penitentiary, based on doctors’ recommendations. On Saturday, her husband and her two children visited her in prison.

Tiberiu Iacob Ridzi, accompanied by his two children, visited his wife around noon at the Gherla Penitentiary, accompanied by his two children.

“We also talked on the phone this morning. She is under medical supervision. We have not discussed the conditions, but the conditions in the hospital are certainly better. I also brought the children. They keep asking we all day long where their mother is and I had to bring them along. Her health is still poor. I have brought her clothes, nothing else; warm clothes for her, the things she needs”, the ex-Minister’s husband declared as he entered the building.

While leaving, the Mayor of Petrosani described the visit in the penitentiary.


Tiberiu Iacob Ridzi: She is weak, she is not well


“She is weak, she is not well, but this is how things go. It is an awkward situation by its very nature. Today, we were finally able to be together with our little ones as well and she managed to hold them in their arms. It is difficult. A situation like this is hard to accept, as besides my wife, my family and my two little children are also punished. Both stayed in her arms and, for 15 minutes, they were impossible to be taken away from her. The younger one brought her flowers, made her some drawings, and I persuaded officers to let him give them to her. The younger one scarcely understands anything, the older one understands more than he admits. He  knows she is being in a hospital but he asked why was there a police officer in that hospital. We said we would see each other as soon as possible, and Andrei said that he would bring his mother a gift. The children were the centre of attention, we discussed nothing else”, Tiberiu Iacob concluded while leaving the penitentiary.

He is worried by his wife’s failing health, especially considering the long travel she had to endure a few days ago, although her health would not have allowed it, he says.

Monica Iacob Ridzi was brought to the Penitentiary in Jilava after a travel of almost 30 hours. The former Minister demanded transfer from Gherla because she suffered of no less than 13 diseases, many of them very dangerous and possibly lethal.

“The transfer of convicts between penitentiary units is made based on a graphic and time schedule approved by the General Manager of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (…) with special high-capacity buses and vans based on R. A. R. standards, equipped with ventilation hatches, to grant adequate lighting conditions and fresh air. (…) The transportation by medical vans owned by the penitentiary is made based on the specialist doctor’s recommendations, depending on the clinical state of convicts, medical and epidemiological criteria.

From the sending unit and that of arrival, there are stops at transited penitentiaries to provide convicts access to restrooms, drinking water, special areas for smoking and doctor’s offices, if required. During the transportation, the convict is granted a package of cold food and water. For hygiene, feeding and rest, during the transfer, convicts are temporarily located in certain penitentiaries, for approximately 12 hours”, the management of the National Administration of Penitentiaries (ANP)  explained in a press release as a response to discontentment expressed publicly by the husband of former Youth Minister Monica Iacob Ridzi.

Ridzi declared that the transportation from the Gherla Penitentiary to the Jilava Hospital Penitentiary required over 30 hours under the circumstances that the former Minister suffers of severe health issues.

Referring to Monica Iacob Ridzi’s case, the ANP leadership mentioned that the recommendation made by the doctor of the detention unit, the respective convict was transferred to a hospital penitentiary for specialized medical investigations. She left the External Department in Cluj on Monday, May 2, 2015, and was accommodated at a penitentiary on the route after approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. In the morning of May 3, 2015, the convict started out to the destination unit, the Jilava Hospital Penitentiary; before leaving, she was examined by the medical team of the unit. On the way, in order to provide her access to a restroom, water and physical activity in the open air, there were five stops and, in order to check the convict’s health, she was examined by the doctor of another penitentiary on the route.





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