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December 1, 2021

Women’s Day celebration: Iohannis, Ponta address “Happy Woman’s Day!” wishes on Facebook, Basescu takes crowd bath at PMP HQs

President Klaus Iohannis: The Woman’s Day should be every day


Klaus Iohannis has posted on his Facebook page a message wishing ladies Happy Woman’s Day on the 8th of March.

‘On the International Woman’s Day I wish all ladies <Happy Woman’s Day!> on the 8th of March’, President Klaus Iohannis states on Facebook.

The president also posted a video message. ‘I meet remarkable ladies all the time, be it in lead positions or just doing their job with skill, passion and commitment. At the same time, they are all wives, daughters, mothers or grand-mothers who find the time to support the ones they love and be by their side. To me, gender equality goes without saying. The Woman’s Day should be every day, when we should cherish and respect ladies around us and in our lives’, Iohannis says in his video message.


PM Ponta: Each of the 12 months should be March


Prime-Minister Victor Ponta (photo, with his mother)  also sent on Sunday, on his Facebook page, a message on the 8th of March, the International Woman’s Day.

‘March is definitely the most beautiful month of the year – because the Spring comes, because we have so many ladies to celebrate, offer flowers to and thank for everything they do! Happy Woman’s Day!’ Victor Ponta states.

The premier also uploaded a video message. ‘Each of the 12 months should be March’, Ponta says.


Traian Basescu, surrounded by women at PMP HQs


Former President Traian Basescu was at the Popular Movement Party (PMP) headquarters on March 8, where he talked to women about being a grandfather, but also about the party’s goals in view of the 2016 elections.

Traian Basescu was assaulted by female admirers on Sunday at the PMP HQ, where an event organized by the party’s women’s chapter took place on International Women’s Day.

When the former president showed up the women started chanting his name. The former president wished them “Happy Birthday” while they surrounded him trying to kiss him or take photographs with him.

“Mr. President, for 10 years I have waited to kiss you,” one of the women told him. “Wouldn’t it have been better earlier, madam?” Basescu answered jokingly. “Now the big stake is to no longer get involved in politics,” Basescu said, the PMP members replying promptly: “Now it’s needed.” “I think so too,” the President concluded.

“That’s enough! Those who kissed the president should step aside,” the event organizers announced. “Mr. President, I’m not leaving until we kiss,” one woman jumped.

Before entering the headquarters building, Traian Basescu received a microphone, using it to address the women present in the party’s courtyard, talking to them about PMP and about his life as a grandfather.

“I am glad you came to the party on March 8. There are many of you here, that means that if we have women within PMP we have the premises for building a solid party, not a toy party, and especially one with loyal people. I thank you for the confidence that we can build together a new party and I assure you I will be this party’s partner until the 2016 elections. I wish Happy Birthday to all of you,” Traian Basescu said.

The former Head of State then talked to them about his two daughters but also about his grandchildren.

“Now, ever since I am a grandfather, I have seen how children are raised. When my daughters started to walk, to pull on everything, I was away at sea. It seemed to me it’s not a big deal to live with two daughters. Now I see. If I could, today, I would double the indemnity for mothers on maternity leave. In the evenings you feel as if you came out of a coal mine, that’s how you go to bed after chasing the little ones… It’s difficult to raise children, difficult but beautiful (…) it’s amazing, it’s fascinating. (…) She already has four teeth, her little jaw teeth have started to come out too. (…) She is not calling me yet. We have a parrot in the living room and one in the kitchen. That one says “Traian”, he recognizes me by my walk. I am waiting for the little one to call me too,” Basescu said, laughing.

Basescu was surrounded by PMP women inside the headquarters building too.






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