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January 27, 2023

Alina Bica and Dorin Cocos obtain postponement of transfer from Bucharest Police detention to penitentiary

An unexpected turn of events took place in the Alina Bica and Dorin Cocos case. The two obtained the postponement of their transfer from the Bucharest Police’s detention centre to the penitentiary. Both claimed that they would be in danger in jail. Alina Bica fears the revenge of the female convicts detained at the Targsor Penitentiary who were convicted in cases handled by the Directoratet for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT).

Former DIICOT director Alina Bica and Dorin Cocos are currently held in the Bucharest Police’s detention centre. It seems that although they are under preventive arrest they will be transferred to penitentiaries. Dorin Cocos will end up in the Rahova Penitentiary, while Alina Bica will end up in the Targsor Penitentiary.

The High Court of Justice rejected on Friday, March 6, the appeal filed by Alin Cocos, Dorin Cocos and Alina Bica against the measure to have their preventive arrest extended for another 30 days.

Dorin and Alin Cocos attacked the measure taken in the illegal restitutions case, and their appeal was trialled on Friday at the High Court. Alina Bica and her former advisor Ionut Mihailescu were present alongside the two. Adriean Videanu is the only defendant investigated while at large.

A preventive arrest warrant was issued against Dorin Cocos in Alina Bica’s case, which was disjoined from the case concerning the illegal restitution offered by ANRP, a case in which his son Alin Cocos and the former head of DIICOT are investigated.

Dorin and Alin Cocos admitted their guilt before the court in the ANRP 2 case. Moreover, they denounced Crinuta Dumitran, both of them stating that she took a bribe. Dorin Cocos also denounced Sergiu Diacomatu, also for passive bribery, a denunciation corroborated by his son Alin Cocos.


Dorin Cocos faints in arrest


Dorin Cocos fainted on Thursday evening at the Bucharest Police’s detention centre. Elena Udrea’s former husband, under preventive arrest in the ANRP 2 case, collapsed on the floor, requiring medical care. The detention centre’s nurse and medic had to give him first aid.

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