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From arrest, Elena Udrea posts on Facebook about “good and bad informants”

Elena Udrea remained under preventive arrest in the Gala Bute file, until March 26, after the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) overruled on Thursday the appeal filed by the ex-Minister. In her latest message posted on Facebook, Udrea, from her four-bed cell of 9 square metres, with a Turkish toiled and with no hair drier to style her coiffure (as she complained herself last time she was under arrest) divides informants in “good and bad ones”.

She published on Saturday, through her communication team, a new message on Facebook. This time, the former Minister talked about “good informants and bad informants”. Udrea nominates people included in the two categories and concludes that all “people close to” her “must be condemned to Purgatory”.

“Dorin Cocos admitted he was guilty of the crimes he was accused of by investigators after having spent considerable time in the arrest of the Bucharest police. He declared the sums of money he received, but also the  way he shared it with other beneficiaries. Nonetheless, DNA and then the Court considered that the crimes were “too severe” and the mentioned sums were “too big” to release Dorin and Alin Cocos under probation or to place them under house arrest. In other words, the two of them were treated as bad informants.

Stelian Gheorghe (the direct beneficiary of an over-evaluation of EUR 61 million) and Sergiu Diacomatu (who received a bribe of EUR 7.5 million for his actions in the ANRP committee) had higher financial gains, but neither DNA, nor Courts consider they need any measure to deprive them of their freedom. In other words, they are the good informants.

This situation – that people accused of similar crimes are granted diametrically opposed sanctions, although their actions in the inquiry are similar – reveals the obviously arbitrary and discretionary character of the way criminal investigations are conducted in these cases.

After DNA and ICCJ refused to release him, we might say that, indeed, Dorin Cocos’ main fault was “having been married to Elena Udrea.

The sensation is that the former Regional Development and Tourism Minister is the target and that all people close to her must be condemned to Purgatory. Actually, you may see it in the Gala Bute file as well – anyone who made a testimony against Elena Udrea is free and anyone who said they had nothing to declared are under arrest. ‪#‎Kafka”, says the message posted on Facebook by Elena Udrea’s communication team.


Elena Udrea’s secret diary leaked out: how Basescu advised her to approach DNA laterally


Elena Udrea had kept a diary during her campaign for Cotroceni, and a copy of this diary ended up in Ion Cristoiu’s hands. The journalist published on Saturday another excerpt from the former Minister’s notes, presenting the episode of her first summoning to DNA. Udrea described Traian Basescu’s advice to get rid of the press.

In the excerpt published by journalist Ion Cristoiu from Elena Udrea’s diary, the former Head of PMP speaks about her presence at DNA on the evening of October 1, 2014, a day before the start of the campaign.

“Actually, DNA was against me from the very beginning. They called me to testify as a witness in a file against Gheorghe Stefan, claiming that my hearing was an absolute emergency. That file is not closed up to this day (at the time Elena Udrea wrote in her diary, a long time after the elections, editor’s note). But I was at the DNA with the entire press waiting for me before the first day of the campaign. (…).

They called me at DNA on a Wednesday for Friday. I told them I would come on Monday, at 9 am, because at 11 am I had to go to the US Embassy. I told them not to call the press. The prosecutor told me that they are not calling the press, and the press is coming anyway. But I know they only come if they find out, mostly from internal sources, that somebody who needs to be exposed in public was to come.

I immediately called the President, because it was obvious to me that they were trying to compromise me. (…) The President told me to approach the institution laterally, to avoid a scandal in the media.

I demanded a postponement of the date to Wednesday, at 7 pm. It was a safer hour, granting some more discretion. I called the person in charge with the file, he was really polite and accepted my demand. He told me he would call me on Tuesday, for confirmation. I confirmed on Tuesday, and on we established that I would call him on Wednesday, five minutes before I arrived. He told me that I cannot use the lateral entrance because my request was not approved by the management of the institution! I had to use the front entrance, where all the press was gathered. (…) Why was all the press there and why was I not announced that I cannot use the lateral entrance, as so many others did?”

Cristoiu mentioned that he had decided to publish the excerpt without being granted approval by the former leader of the Popular Movement Party (PMP).

“Where I put dots, there are names and data Elena Udrea asked me not to publish when she gave me the diary. I will not do so until I know Elena Udrea’s fate is sealed. I am convinced there are many things of Elena Udrea’s diary she would not want to be published, because she still hopes. In my opinion, she hopes in vain. Her fate is doomed. Just like Adrian Nastase’s fate was doomed before. Somebody told me that, when Adrian Nastase was called to DNA for the first time, the prosecutor suddenly stood up and whispered in his ears, so that the walls would not hear her, not to deceive himself, because they will take him to Court and they will accomplish his conviction. I do not know whether  Elena Udrea benefited of this advantage. Of being told there is no escape!

I published this excerpt from the diary without Elena Udrea’s approval because it confirms to me a Truth I have been writing about based on my intuition, without any previous real confirmation: Some people may be summoned at DNA without the knowledge of any journalist. Others are confronted with all TV stations awaiting them with their cameras turned on. There is another interesting thing we find out from this diary. When someone is summoned at DNA, the presence of the press is negotiable”,  Ion Cristoiu explained on his personal blog.


Former Minister visited under arrest by her mother and her friend Ruxandra Dragomir


Elena Udrea was visited on Friday in the Bucharest Police Arrest Department by her mother and her best friend Ruxandra Dragomir. After hearing that she would spend the next three weeks behind bars, Elena Udrea demanded her mother to bring her a package of clothes, but she also received food, Romania TV announced.

The former Minister received several bags of food and clothes. Elena Udrea’s mother also brought her a bouquet of flowers, Romania TV reported.

She has the right to a weekly visit at the Bucharest Police Arrest Headquarters, a visit that lasts up to two hours. Her mother already visited her three times after Elena Udrea was placed under preventive arrest.

The former Regional Development Minister was placed under preventive arrest on February 25, after ICCJ issued a 30-day preventive arrest warrant on her name for the “Gala Bute” file. The former Minister appealed the decision at the High Court and on Thursday morning, she was brought in front of the Magistrates, who announced a definitive decision.


Elena Udrea, message from arrest on 8 March: It’s very said and painful


Elena Udrea’s friend, Ruxandra Dragomir, has sent via Facebook the 8th March message of the ex-minister.  Dragomir states that Udrea is ‘strong and dignified’ and ‘does not want to show the suffering she’s going through’ and that ‘it is sand and painful’ that, on this day, ‘Elena cannot offer a flower to her own mother and embrace her’.

Elena Udrea has been under arrest and, through her friend, she has sent a message to all ladies on March 8.

‘Elena has asked me to tell you <Happy Woman’s Day!>  She called me yesterday and she promised to also phone today. She is strong and dignified. In no way does she want to show the sufferance she’s experiencing. She only stresses whenever she can the abuse of the preventive arrest. Not just on her, but on all the women and not just women who are subjected to this kind of treatment.

Elena is there with no evidence, only based on denunciations and the court did not want her to be on trial while at large, or at least under house arrest. The court decided that the prosecutors’ evidence was enough. Because of that, Elena cannot offer a flower to her own mother or embrace her. It’s sad and painful…

To me too, this day has become a very sad one…’ Ruxandra Dragomir writes.

Ex-President Traian Basescu has also posted a message on 8 March on his social media account. ‘Happy Woman’s Day to all mothers!’, Traian Basescu states on his Facebook page.








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