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February 3, 2023

Gala Bute case: Elena Udrea asks to be placed under house arrest

Elena Udrea’s lawyers made a request to the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) on Monday for the replacement of the preventive arrest measure with house arrest or judicial control. The court date might be set for the end of the week at the earliest. In the meanwhile, however, Udrea hopes to be face to face with the suspects who had testified against her. The ex-minister has not been so far confronted with the people she accuses of calumnious denunciation.


Elena Udrea’s communication team: Conditions may not be the best, but they are not so bad as to break a person like Udrea either


Elena Udrea on Monday denied the fact that, Saturday night she cried in her cell and states on her Facebook page, via her communication team, that she has not snapped or cried while under arrest as the press had suggested. ‘Conditions may not be the best, but they are not so bad as to break a person like Udrea. Through her deeds and action so far, Udrea has proved she is a very strong and dignified person. She will fight and will succeed in proving her innocence in front of the magistrates ’, the communication team notes.

‘All the press articles and gossips that Elena Udrea has snapped and started to cry while under arrest are aberrations and lies.

Her public attitude proves the interior strength she has: she did not cry, beg, anoint herself with chrism, did not read prayers, faint or found illness she never knew she had as it has happened with many so-called men.

Press reports suggested that Elena Udrea, currently under rarest in the Gala Bute case, had come to the end of her strengths. The ex-minister has reportedly complained to friends on the phone that she could no longer cope with the situation she was in and burst into tears Saturday night.

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