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January 27, 2023

Elena Udrea accuses DNA prosecutors of acting with “double standards” : Why Blaga, Berceanu, Videanu, Anastase are not even questioned?

Elena Udrea took to Facebook again, to accuse the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors that they were acting with “double standards”, as they do not investigate other PNL leaders, such as Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu, Roberta Anastase or Adriean Videanu, although there are plenty of denounces against them.

“Why cannot be Elena Udrea released during investigation, as long as the accusation against her is that she received undeserved benefits as Head of the PDL Bucharest organization, but also for the party, totalizing approximately EUR 20,000, while the leaders of today’s PDL, such as Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu, Roberta Anastase or Adriean Videanu are accused (by Gabriel Sandu or Dorin Cocos) if having received millions of EUR during their campaign, with receipts and invoices, and DNA doesn’t ask them as much as a question on this topic? What is the reasoning behind these double standards in the actions of DNA prosecutors? Why they ask and order preventive arrest in Elena Udrea’s case and they don’t organize as much as a hearing in the other cases? Where is the social character of justice and equality in front of the law?”, a Facebook post signed by Udrea’s communication team and entitled “When DNA prosecutors act with double standards” points out.

The text mentions that the author is not aiming for the preventive arrest of the mentioned leaders, but Elena Udrea’s release during trial, or “at least house arrest”.

“We do not want Vasile Blaga and the others to be placed under preventive arrest. We do not wish them to be called at DNA headquarters. Normality would only require equal treatment in similar situations: that Elena Udrea would be released during trial, or at least kept under house arrest”, the Facebook post concludes.


DNA’s Kovesi on Elena Udrea’s attacks: We are immune to such statements


The head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate Laura Codruta Kovesi, said on Tuesday that she would not like to comment on Elena Udrea’s statements on DNA, saying that prosecutors were ‘immune’ to politicians’ criticism. In addition, Kovesi said an internal probe was in progress regarding the fact that Udrea had been escorted to the arrest facility without handcuffs, on her first arrest.

Laura Codruta Kovesi was asked on Tuesday if DNA would notify the Judicial Inspection on Udrea’s statements and postings, made while under remand.

‘I have never commented on statements made by people under our investigation. I will not do it this time either’, Kovesi said.

Asked if the attacks were affecting in any way the work of the prosecutors, Kovesi said: ‘We are immune to such statements. We do our job. I think our best answer is to continue investigations in a professional and correct manner’.

As for the internal checks into the fact that Elena Udrea had been taken to the arrest facility without handcuffs on her first arrest, the DNA chief noted that ‘internal checks’ were being conducted and the results would be made public.

Asked about ex-DNA prosecutor Alina Florentina Stoica who had quashed the decision in the Gala Bute case, Kovesi noted: ‘When the decision was quashed in the case, we notified CSM on the prosecutor. The decision will come from CSM, not from us’.

Alina Florentina Stoica investigated the Gala Bute case for over a year and a half, from the Spring of 2012 until December 2013. In December 2013, the prosecutor referred the case to Court, but Rudel Obreja was the only defendant.

The heads of DNA invalidated her indictment in the case of the European funds fraud. Her superiors did not back her conclusion that Rudel Obreja was the only responsible person for the illegal spending of EUR 2.5 M – public funds – in July 2011.

Alina Stoica left DNA and her case was taken over by prosecutor Mariana Alexandru who cancelled the infirmed the indictment.

Having quit DNA after her indictment in the Gala Bute case had been annulled, prosecutor Alina Florentina Stoica was hired by Elena Udrea’s friend, Alina Bica, at DIICOT in 2014.







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