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December 1, 2021

Geoana announces set up of his new left-wing party: Romanian Social Party (PSR)

The Initiative Group for the New Social Democrat Project at its weekly meeting of the National Steering Committee decided to establish a new left-wing party to be called the Romanian Social Party (PSR), Senator Mircea Geoana said in a release to Agerpres..

“The Romanian Social Party will support work and create the conditions for affirmation and success for all Romanian citizens, regardless of the place they live, the class or social group they belong to. PSR will start a war against poverty, marginalization and social exclusion, with its purpose to create a new voice and a new economic policy for the middle class. PSR will be the declared enemy of inequities and negative effects of social polarization, as well as a fierce defender of the employees’ rights, in both the public and the private sector. PSR will reposition work, honesty and human dignity in the centre of our society, replacing corruption, lies, imposture and pseudo-culture that dominated the social space and the public discourse. Romania needs that talent and skills the Romanian citizens have, regardless of the place where they live and work, in the country or abroad,” said Mircea Geoana.

Moreover, creating the PSR “will be like a response to the serious deviation from the left-wing identity of the PSD [Social Democratic Party] headed by Victor Ponta, who decided to abandon the left-wing electorate in Romania.”


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