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March 30, 2023

Gigi Becali’s mother on his release on probation: They will set him free, he harmed no one

The Court in Medgidia decided on Friday to release Gigi Becali on probation. The decision is not definitive and prosecutors already filed an appeal, so the “warrior of light” is supposed to await the appeal to be tried.

Had prosecutors not appealed the decision of the Court of Medgidia to approve the request of release on probation, Gigi Becali would have been free on Tuesday. The appeal will be tried by the Appeal Court in Constanta.

Gigi Becali’s mother received the news of release on probation with overwhelming enthusiast: “What do you say, am I happy or what? They will release him, they have to set him free, because he harmed no one, he only did good things. God wants us to be could”, Gigi Becali’s mother declared before entering the church.

Gigi Becali has executed a year and ten months of the three year and a half prison sentence on the file he was sued on. Bogdan Vlad, Gigi Becali’d lawyer, told the judge that all requirements were fulfilled for his client’s release on parole. First, he executed the share of the penalty stipulated both by the old Criminal Code (two thirds) and the new Criminal Code (more than half).

Bogdan Vlad also showed that Becali had accomplishments worth 185 days, excellent behaviour ratings, he worked and wrote two books, one on sport and one on religion, he was rewarded eleven times during detention and he had attended all activities in the penitentiary. The lawyer also mentioned that Gigi Becali has fully paid the prejudice established in the files he was convicted for, as well as the due interest.



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