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January 23, 2022

PM Ponta: I do not think a motion of censure by the opposition will pass

PM Victor Ponta declared on Sunday evening, in a phone intervention for the TV station Romania TV that he did not believe a motion of no confidence filed by the opposition would pass, adding that he did not feel threatened that Liberals are preparing to overtake the power.

“I do not think the motion of censure will pass. Today, the majority is functional and I think it will be active at the motion of censure as well. Moreover, I do not see that PNL – PDL would be prepared at all to govern today, neither considering their program and nor considering their people. It is hard to imagine whom they would appoint as Minister. They do not work as a functional majority, either, because they say they want to govern for a year and ten months, until the elections. (…) I got it, you want power, that’s great, but tell us on what program and whom do you intend to govern with”, Ponta replied a question on this topic.

He added that he did not feel threatened by the fact that Liberals are preparing to overtake power.

“I do not feel in danger, because I was not able to see very much of what Mr. Predoiu and PNL launched. The fact is that we have a Government that’s working, we have an elected President, we have elections in November or December 2016 and I think that (…) the present situation, as the President, the Government and the Parliament are working together just fine, is an excellent situation and there is no reason to ruin it”, the PSD leader pointed out.


I am not afraid of an inquiry after I end my term, I always obeyed laws


PM Victor Ponta also declared on Sunday for Romania TV that he did not feel threatened he would be investigated after he ends his term as Head of the Government.

PM Victor Ponta explained that he had had hundreds of criminal complaints so far and that he was not afraid of them, admitting that there was only one of them that annoyed him.

“I am not afraid, I know very well the fact that I have always obeyed laws and I have always sought the advice of all state institutions before I made major decisions. Ever since I entered politics, I had hundreds of criminal complaints. It was only one criminal complaint in my career that made me furious; it was the complaint filed during electoral campaign by Deputy Orban against my wife.

Regardless of how far we go with our political battle, we do not sue wives. There is no Prime Minister, Minister, Mayor or manager of any institution not to face dozens or even hundreds of complaints. It is a trend, so to say”, the Prime Minister declared.

In December, Ludovic Orban pointed out that Victor Ponta and his wife Daciana Sarbu flagrantly violated laws on incompatibility and conflicts of interest by not including each other’s property in their wealth declarations. Orban declared that this thing was an offence and that he wanted to notify ANI and the Prosecutors’ Office.


I wanted to accompany my mother at DNA; before being PM, I am my mother’s son


Prime Minister Victor Ponta declared on Sunday for Romania TV that he wanted to accompany his mother, Cornelia Naum, at DNA Ploieşti, when she was cited to a hearing; nonetheless, she refused him.

“I have told her I wanted to accompany her at DNA; I did not want her to have the impression that she was on her own or that I was avoiding the situation. As always, she was more powerful and she told me: “Stay at home, the entire Basescu propaganda will start again about how you are obstructing justice. I will manage things just fine; I do not need you there.

And she certainly did. I do not want this to sound funny, but I think I was my mother’s son long before I was Prime Minister and I will continue being my mother’s son long after I cease being Prime Minister. My mother is much more important to me than my position as Prime Minister. I have told her: “You are experiencing a moment of aggrieve, I am coming with you” and she told me she did not need it”, Victor Ponta declared on March 8, on Women’s Day.

PM Victor Ponta’s mother Cornelia Naum revealed on Saturday evening that her son wanted to accompany her at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) when she was called to testify as a witness in the file her son-in-law Iulian Hertanu is under preventive arrest, but she refused. Cornelia Naum a explained that she did not want to leave the impression of a “scared person posing as a victim”.

Cornelia Naum, Victor Ponta’s mother, was questioned by DNA Ploiesti on Thursday in the file of European fund embezzlement that had determined prosecutors to arrest the Prime Minister’s brother-in-law Iulian Hertanu.

The lawyer that accompanied Ms. Naum at the hearing, Bogdan Vlad, explained that prosecutors wanted details on discussions Cornelia Naum might have overheard, and outlined that she had no connection whatsoever to the company involved in the criminal activity. “Ms. Naum has had and still has a part-time job contract with her daughter’s company. She has no connection whatsoever with the company involved in the criminal activity. She was merely questioned about certain conversations with other persons involved in this file”, the lawyer explained.

Asked by journalists whether she had any precious information for the inquiry and whether she considers herself as a useful witness, Cornelia Naum replied: “I am not the one to appreciate whether they are precious or not. I am not qualified to make an appreciation on that topic”.





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