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February 2, 2023

PSD’s Firea: PNL has a morbid obsession, affects Romania abroad

PSD Senator Gabriela Firea criticizes in very harsh terms PNL’s desire to come to power, and in particular the simple motion that it initiated and that concerns the absorption of European funds. She labels “the obsession of toppling the Ponta Government” as “morbid,” and sees the initiative against the European Funds Ministry as an action that will affect Romania’s image abroad.

“After it unsuccessfully tried – but we appreciate the effort! – to engage in constructive opposition, by proposing to the public an alternative governing program that turned out to be only a hastily compiled document that was also criticized from within their own party, the old PDL hidden under the aegis of the new PNL reverts to the only thing it is good at – destructive opposition.

We do not know exactly what and whom the Liberals want to put in place, but their obsession with toppling the Ponta Government is becoming morbid with each passing day. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for the country, their attempts are increasingly ridiculous and, consequently, bound to fail. After last week it attacked with a simple motion in the labour and social protection domain, a domain managed by one of the most efficient ministers of the government, the Liberal guerrilla keeps at it with an announced motion on the issue of the absorption of European funds,” Gabriela Firea stated.

She accuses PNL’s hypocrisy in criticizing the absorption of European funds, on one hand because PDL had managed an absorption rate of only 7 per cent while in power, and on the other hand because PNL was part of the current government, actively contributing to its program.

“In this case, PNL’s hypocrisy is twofold. First of all, European funds should have been the last issue the “PDL” wing should have brought to the public’s attention, given the fact that they left the country in 2012 with a European funds absorption level of just 7 per cent, plus three sectoral operational programs that were blocked because of corruption.

Today, the ministry led by Eugen Teodorovici has managed to surpass an absorption rate of 50 per cent and Romania has collected EUR 460 M from the European Commission this February alone. And the members of the old PNL, who now hasten to criticize the results of a government they too were part of, have contributed to a good extent to this success. This is the second count of hypocrisy,” Gabriela Firea stated.

She claims that the opposition should collaborate with the government on issues of national interest such as the absorption of European funds.

“In fact, the economic disaster that the Liberals forecast with all their voices is nothing but a mirage. Romania is an increasingly safe destination for investments. The risk of bankruptcy has dropped toward 100 points, the lowest level in the last six years! The unemployment rate has reached 6.5 per cent, a historic low of the last 5 years, and the population’s optimism and price drops have raised consumption by over 6 per cent. Sources worthy of all confidence, not the members of the government, are saying these things.

Most likely, this motion too will be nothing but another rhetorical exercise for our Liberal colleagues, its chances of going through Parliament being null. However, unlike other similar initiatives, this humming can produce certain consternation in Brussels, because it’s not very easy to understand how in a country that wants to be civilized the main political forces cannot close ranks when it comes to national interests, as should be the case when it comes to the absorption of European funds.

Instead of blindly attacking the government, from any position and on any issue, the Liberals could take Germany’s example, where Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrats can collaborate very well within the Federal Government with Social Democrats such as Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel or Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier,” Firea added.


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