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May 6, 2021

Romania’s main trade partners

Romania trades mainly with European states (85.6 per cent of total exports and 90 per cent of total imports). Intra-EU trade (with the 27 EU member states) represents 71.2 per cent of Romania’s exports and 75.3 per cent of Romania’s imports.

In the first eleven months of 2014 the top 10 destinations for Romanian exports were: Germany (19.4 per cent of Romania’s exports), Italy (11.9 per cent), France (6.8 per cent), Hungary (5.1 per cent), Turkey (4.4 per cent), Great Britain (4.1 per cent), Bulgaria (3.4 per cent), Russian Federation (2.9 per cent), Spain (2.7 per cent) and Poland (2.5 per cent), the cumulated share of these countries being of 63.2 per cent of Romania’s exports.

When it came to imports, the top 10 sources of imports for Romania were: Germany (19.2 per cent), Italy (10.9 per cent), Hungary (7.9 per cent), France (5.7 per cent), Poland (4.6 per cent), China (4 per cent), the Russian Federation (4 per cent), Kazakhstan (3.9 per cent), Austria (3.8 per cent) and the Netherlands (3.7 per cent), the cumulated share of these countries representing 67.6 per cent of Romania’s total exports in the first eleven months of 2014.

Romania’s trade balance with its top 10 trade partners presented the following trends in the first eleven months of 2014: * Rising trade deficit with: Kazakhstan (- EUR 2,051.4 M), China (- EUR 1,651 M), Poland (- EUR 1,280.1 M), Germany (- EUR 903.4 M), Netherlands (- EUR 790.8 M) and Spain (- EUR 115.2 M) * Diminishing trade deficit with: Hungary (- EUR 1,765.4 M), Austria (- EUR 867 M), Russian Federation (- EUR 741 M) and Italy (- EUR 45.8 M) * Rising trade surplus with: Great Britain (+ EUR 788 M) and France (+ EUR 214.4 M) * Diminishing trade surplus with: Turkey (+ EUR 375 M) and Bulgaria (+ EUR 74.4 M)



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