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March 6, 2021

Sociologist Vasile Dancu: Righter of wrongs show could have a bounce-back effect

The sociologist Vasile Dancu stated on B1 TV that the fact that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) did its job was an absolutely normal thing, but noted that the righter of wrongs show could have the reverse effect.

‘It is a normal thing that DNA is doing its duty and that it is not being politically prevented from doing that. What is not normal, however, and this could eventually have a bounce back effect, a perverse effect as we call it in sociology, related to the image of Romania abroad, is too much show of justice and upholders of the law’, Vasile Dancu said during the ‘Lumini si umbre’ B1 TV show.

He added that DNA had risen to 60% confidence rate in opinion polls and ‘regular people polarize sympathy of DNA, next to prosecutors, like such shows and dislike politicians’.

The explanation of the poll rise: DNA, the partner of the TV viewer.

‘But if we ask people regarding the justice process in general, most of them will answer that justice is nor fairly dispensed in Romania, that a regular person who has no money and means usually does not receive fair justice decisions. Over 40% say that. On the other hand, when DNA operates arrests, that’s something like a form of political show, a Robin Hood type of action where the evil are brought to fair justice in handcuffs, paraded in front of the cameras. The individual is part of the trial. On the other side of the screen he watches, is happy, comments and participates and DNA is his partner, the viewer’s partner’, Vasile Dancu explained.


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