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January 27, 2023

Traian Basescu on distraint in Nana: “A political action started by the Premier”

Former president Traian Basescu, present at the Popular Movement Party (PMP) on Monday, stated that the distraint placed upon the plots of land in Nana is a political action started by the Premier.

“It was a political action started by the Premier and materialized through parliamentary commission. The parliamentary action was the basis of the action,” the former head of state said. “If Mr. Nitu, the Prosecutor General, believes the time has come for nobody to dare express a point of view because he is sensitive, I inform him that I will not stop expressing my point of view because he is sensitive,” Basescu added in front of the journalists. He also stated that from his point of view the judiciary “has to note whether there are illegalities in the restitution process. If Mr. Nitu felt politically involved it’s his problem, but this trial had a political action at its basis, after which I express the point of view that I do not rule out that illegalities may have taken place in the restitution process.”

The former head of state also referred to the issue of the fleet. “I have had an experience of approximately 18 years in which some political lies were taken over by state institutions and I was left as the man who sold the fleet. Without anyone showing, in these 18 years, a single sale contract signed by me or a single green light signed by Transport Minister Traian Basescu for any ship. Nobody wanted to know that the fleet was transferred in 1992 to the State Assets Fund and the Fund did the job it was set up to do: it privatized it,” Traian Basescu added.


Former presidential advisor Adrian Radulescu at DNA


Adrian Radulescu, President Traian Basescu’s former advisor, was at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) on Monday, where he spent one hour and 20 minutes. When leaving the building the former presidential advisor made no comments about why he had been there. “I have nothing to state. It’s nothing. (…) I was here to visit a friend,” Radulescu stated. “I stood in the waiting room,” the PMP leader added. Asked about the distraint in Nana, Radulescu said: “Everything is legal. No problem. (…) It’s not my business, I’m not a prosecutor.”

Adrian Radulescu acted as a middleman when Ioana Basescu bought the plot of land in Nana.



CSM notifies judicial inspection after Basescu talks about Nana distraint


The Superior Magistracy Council (CSM) has sent to the Judicial Inspection the notice it received from the General Prosecutor’s Office about the statements Traian Basescu made on the investigation of property restitutions in Nana. The Judicial Inspection will now draft a report on whether the former president violated the independence or affected the credibility of the judiciary.

The General Prosecutor’s Office notified the Superior Magistracy Council on Saturday about the statements that former President Traian Basescu made about the distraint placed by prosecutors on the plots of land in Nana commune. In a posting on Facebook, Basescu told the Nana villagers he is sorry for the distraint that prosecutors placed on their plots of land, claiming that he is sorry for the 127 families that have to “bear the consequences of political actions” that target him.

The General Prosecutor’s Office reacted to the former president’s statements about the distraint placed on the plots of land in Nana.

“The legal measures ordered by prosecutors in a criminal case are analyzed and validated only by judges. The Public Ministry’s leadership deems regrettable the fact that a former Romanian president puts into doubt the independence and impartiality of prosecutors, this fact being liable to affect the prestige and credibility of the judiciary. In this context, the Public Ministry’s leadership is asking the Superior Magistracy Council, as guarantor of the independence of the judiciary, in line with Art.1 and Art. 30 of Law 317/2004, to carry out its legal obligation of defending judges and prosecutors against any act that may affect their independence or impartiality or create suspicions about them,” the General Prosecutor’s Office communiqué reads.

The Calarasi Court has upheld the distraint placed on the plot of land that former president Traian Basescu’s eldest daughter Ioana Basescu owns in Nana commune, a plot of land the prosecutors suspect was illegally restituted. The distraint was placed by High Court of Justice prosecutors on February 16, both on the plot of land owned by Ioana Basescu as well as on those owned by other defendants in this case.

Traian Basescu reacted on Facebook two days after judges rejected Ioana Basescu’s appeal.

The ex-president’s reactions happened a few days after the sequestration of over 700 ha of farmland at Nana had become public. The investigation targets 12 individuals, former or current members of the local administration of the commune, suspected of illegally returning hundreds of hectares of land from 2005 to 2010.

‘I feel sorry for the 127 families in Nana whose land returned from 1996 to 2010 has been frozen. Those families bear the consequences of political actions against me. I do not rule out the possibility that illegalities might have happened during the property returning process, but that is for the justice to find out and those who broke the law will definitely be held liable.

I hope that similar investigations are conducted everywhere else in the country starting with Vrancea and Timis, for example.

Ioana Basescu bought the 290.4 ha from an Italian company in October 2013 based on legal records in the Land Register, in complete good faith. I wonder why no investigation was made during the three years when the Italian company owned the property?”, Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook on Saturday.





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