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February 3, 2023

Chamber defeats simple motion on European funds

The Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday defeated 184 to 96 and 21 abstentions, a simple motion called “European funds during the PSD governing – between Prince Charming and Fata Morgana,” tabled by the Opposition against Minister of European Funds Eugen Teodorovici, Agerpres reports.

The motion was signed by 109 MPs including members of the National Liberal Party (PNL), the Democratic and Popular group and non-affiliated MPs.

The signatories claimed their motion depicts a realistic picture of the situation of the European funds, calling on Minister Teodorovici to answer before Parliament for the problems with Romania absorbing European funds.


Teodorovici: European funds-between Prince Charming –PSD governing and Fata Morgana-PNL programme


Minister of European Funds, Eugen Teodorovici (photo) told the plenary sitting of the Deputies Chamber that the situation of the European funds is indeed currently to be found somewhere “between Prince Charming and the Fata Morgana” (e.n. – title given to the simple motion filed by the Liberals with the Chamber of Deputies), which is to say between the Social Democrat Party (PSD) governing and the 2015 governing plans of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and also that all the proposals made by the Liberals in the simple motion in this field were already put into practice.

“In June 2014 we responded in the Senate to a simple motion that was asking the Ponta Government to just do as told. Now you’ve called me here again to discuss allegories and symbols. Back then I committed myself to have, by the end of 2014, the Partnership Agreement signed, invoices worth at least 3.5 billion euros already sent to the European Commission, the reforms completed and also to have an efficient and highly functional system. I did all this and I hoped that this time the new motion filed by the PNL will be more grounded in reality and more based on concrete problems, with concrete solutions to the problems included. Only that you came again with this type of discourse, or we can even call it a fairy-tale. Of course, the European funds’ situation is to be found between the Prince Charming and the Fata Morgana, which is to say they are between the PSD governing and the PNL 2015 governing programme,” said Teodorovici, while speaking before the Deputies’ Chamber debating on the simple motion entitled “European Funds, during the PSD governing – between Prince Charming and Fata Morgana.”

Teodorovici added that all the proposals made by the Liberals were already put into practice.

“I believe that European funds represent a topic of national interest, at stake being Romania’s development in the next 10 years. We proved that we reached our objectives and we will continue to do so. Moreover, I believe that this is the moment to prove that we also know how to build, not just how to demolish, and that Romania is a mature and responsible EU member state, and not just a forum for senseless debates. I also want to invite all my Liberal colleagues to remember what Spiru Haret, an illustrious representative of the PNL and academic and political life in Romania, said once: ‘it is against any morale for someone to live in the name of a noble ideal without making anything at all to serve it,'” said Teodorovici, quoted by Agerpres.


PM Ponta: Simple motion on European funds extremely dangerous


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Wednesday said, after the rejection of the simple motion on the European funds topic by the Deputies’ Chamber, that this motion was “extremely dangerous.”

“The PNL [National Liberal Party] / PDL [Democratic Liberal Party] demagogy: The motion on European funds is extremely dangerous! The 96 in favour/183 against result doesn’t even matter!,” Ponta wrote in a Tweet.

The PM on Monday drew attention at the meeting of the Standing Bureau of the PSD over the danger that could come from Brussels in respect to European funds absorption.

“This initiative right now of the PNL-PDL to say that bad things happened over the past few years in respect to the European funds absorption represents an extremely demagogic and politicianist initiative that can harm Romania very deeply. If we are to yell again in Brussels that ‘things are going to the wrong direction’ probably that the authorities in Brussels will say: ‘Look how the Romanians are not in fact recording any successes, since there are other Romanians who were in the government until one year ago telling us that things are not actually that great in reality,'” said Ponta.






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