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February 3, 2023

Chamber of Deputies’ Speaker Zgonea: Romanians should travel visa-free to Canada

On an official visit to Canada, Speaker of Romania’s Chamber of Deputies Valeriu Zgonea said Tuesday Romanians should travel to Canada visa-free.

The Chamber of Deputies reports in a press release remitted to Agerpres that one of the main topics discussed on Zgonea’s official visit paid at the invitation of Speaker of the House of Commons of Canada Andrew Scheer is lifting visa requirements for Romanian nationals travelling to Canada, within an as close a time horizon as possible.

The release says Zgonea also met Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander in a meeting that showed the objective is shared by both counties, contributing to the amplification and diversification of the bilateral trade between the two countries, while capitalising on the full potential of trans-Atlantic cooperation.

“Romanians should travel to Canada visa-free. We deserve to no longer have to meet visa requirements because Romanian doctors, professors, scientists and other professionals who are integrated with the Canadian society and respected have proved that Romania’s citizens are responsible and well trained and they actively contribute toward social development. That is why I suggested for starters easing up on the visa requirements for young scientists and students as well as for Romanian business people who want to export Romanian products directly to Canada instead of via the US, as is overwhelmingly the case now,” Zgonea is quoted as having said.

In their conversation with Zgonea, Scheer and the members of the parliamentary friendship group with Romania voiced openness to cooperation being continued in order to strengthen security and defence as well as to enlarge partnerships in other areas, such as energy and research.

In that context, a joint declaration was signed concerning the development of bilateral relations between the national parliaments of the two countries, at the initiative of Romanian-born Canadian MP Corneliu Chisu and his Romanian counterpart Alexandru Fratean.

“The signing of the joint declaration evidences the wish to intensify parliamentary dialogue at a bilateral level as well as inside international parliamentary organisations, as well as shared objectives such as the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement,” said Zgonea.

Zgonea and the Romanian parliamentary delegation he led also visited the National Research Council of Canada, where many Romanian nationals are working.

“We have found today one of Canada’s most successful scientists, Bogdan Ciobanu, who was born and educated in Romania. He is the executive deputy chairman of the National Research Council of Canada, a governmental organisation that works with over 10,000 companies, employs 3,600 people and has an annual budget of 1 billion dollars. This is the place where innovative healthcare, aeronautics, IT and nuclear power technologies are being developed. A strong team of scientists, including other Romanians as well, proves the importance of research to getting solid economic outcomes. The performance of these Romanians proves that Romania has valuable young people and expanding cooperation between Romania and Canada in the areas of research and university education would benefit both countries,” said Zgonea.

The visit is part of Zgonea’s sustained demarches to develop inter-parliamentary cooperation as Canada is an important ally of Romania inside NATO, a close partner insider international organisations, while in the context of consolidating the relationship between the EU and Canada.

“Inter-parliamentary cooperation between Romania and Canada has witnessed significant increase. Canada was and continues to be a model of civil culture and tolerance for Romanians. We want a dynamic and efficient promotion of cooperation projects in all areas, and parliamentary cooperation is a valuable tool for the consolidation and expanding of the bilateral relationship,” Zgonea is quoted as having said at his meeting with Speaker Scheer.

During the official visit, the Romanian retinue, made up of MPs Angel Tilvar of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Mircea Lubanovici of the National Liberal Party (PNL) and Stefan Burlacu of the Democratic and Popular group is also scheduled to meet Chairman of Canada’s Senate Pierre Claude Nolin; Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House of Commons Dean Allison; Chairman of the Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association David Tilson, as well as representatives of the Romanian community of Ottawa.


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