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February 3, 2023

Ex-CCR judge Toni Grebla arrested by anti-corruption prosecutors

Former Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) judge Toni Grebla was detained by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors on Tuesday in his corruption and influence peddling case. Grebla was removed from the national DNA headquarters in handcuffs, and was going to be taken before the judges with the proposition of house arrest. Grebla told the press that his detention was an ‘excessive measure’.

When he entered the DNA building, Toni Grebla told the journalists that he was a regular citizen appearing in an institutional investigation, and that he was not a member of any political party. He also said that ‘the intention is to change the political class’ including with the help of DNA, but added: ‘from a criminal point of view, I don’t understand what is happening to me’.

On his charges, Grebla said some of them were known as they had been made public, but ‘other ones were phantasmagoric interpretations’.

‘The judicial investigation will go on. I am convinced that the truth will come out. I have not stolen public money, I have not robbed public funds’, the former senator stressed.


Lawyer Petre Buneci: ‘The proposal will be for house arrest’


Before Toni Grebla came out of the DNA building, lawyer Petre Buneci told the journalists that the prosecutors had brought a new charge against his client, that he had tried selling 50 goats through third parties, noting that the former constitutional judge had not been in possession of the goats in question since 6 February.

‘For the humiliation to go to the very end, they will propose house arrest’, the lawyer said, adding that Toni Grebla would be arraigned in Court on Wednesday.

Toni Grebla is the first Constitutional Court detained by DNA in view of arrest for corruption.

DNA commenced investigations against him at the end of January, when they asked for the approval of the Senate to arrest him. After approximately 2 weeks, T. Grebla resigned his CCR office.

A former Gorj prefect and PSD senator, Toni Grebla is charged by the prosecutors for supporting his god-son Ion Bircina, a famous underworld figure, for his company to obtain a number of public contracts in exchange for EUR 56,000 and dresses for his wife.

Toni Grebla was accused of supporting illegal exports to the Russian Federation in spite of the embargo set by Moscow against EU member states.

The former CCR judge was rushed to hospital after just a few minutes under arrest. Grebla felt unwell when he entered the room where he was supposed to undergo a medical check.


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