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February 3, 2023

Radu Berceanu replies to Elenei Udrea’s attacks, speaks out about her influence in PDL and in the Boc Government

Annoyed by being constantly attacked by Elena Udrea, who insists on demanding his arrest, a former official of the Romanian state threatens to reveal lesser known things about the former Minister of Regional Development in Boc Cabinet, now under preventive arrest. Radu Berceanu says he cannot take any more of his former fellow party member’s attacks, who also antagonizes the former Boc Government and revealed how he wanted to resign when she withdrew over RON 1 billion from the budget granted to the Ministry of Transport, in 2010.

Former Liberal Democratic Party (PDL) Transport Minister Radu Berceanu in Boc Cabinet reacted after Elena Udrea’s communication team posted on Monday on Facebook, repeating the idea that Berceanu, similarly to other former or present leaders of the party, is not invited to DNA in the case of accusations made by former Communication Minister Gabriel Sandu.

Thus, Elena Udrea showed her discontentment that former PDL leaders Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu, Roberta Anastase and Adriean Videanu “are not questioned by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA)” about the fact that they received “millions of euro in their campaign”.

“Perhaps Ms. Udrea’s memory has some variations, which is utterly equal to me anyway. She may say whatever she thinks she has to say. I have no problem if DNA calls me any time (…) to finally set these things straight”, Radu Berceanu declared for Ziare.com.

Referring to the fact that Gabriel Sandu had declared in front of DNA prosecutors who had investigated the Microsoft file that some of the money received as a bribe ended up at Videanu, Berceanu and Anastase, the ex-Transportation Minister mentioned that he had no reason to receive millions of euro during the campaign while the other Presidents of PDL organizations received nothing.


“I have no problem to be called by DNA at any time”


“Perhaps DNA prosecutors knew better related to Sandu’s false statements or perhaps they made some further checking, and she (Elena Udrea, editor’s note) , who is there now, is saying: “Why me and not the others?” Because the others did not steal things the way she did, if she did, as it is her problem and I do not know what proof do prosecutors have or what it is.

Let me reiterate: I will be most delighted to go whenever anyone calls me anywhere, at any time, to set things straight because, by example, my mother is celebrating her 90th birthday in about two months and I would not say it is a nice thing that my name is being published in connection with a story I have absolutely no connection to.

Why would Sandu give me millions of euro? First of all, because I was making the entire campaign all over the country and it cost millions of euro. So, they are a little bit mentally challenged but it does not matter, it is their problem. Why would he give money to me? There were 46 more Presidents (of county and district organizations, editor’s note), why would he give it to me and not to everybody, if he had money to give?” Radu Berceanu said.

He mentioned that he had several conflicts with Elena Udrea in time and named two of them, the first on the Transportation budget for 2010, when the former Tourism Minister took him RON 1.5 billion.


“I had not one, but several conflicts with Elena Udrea, out of various reasons”


“We had not one, but several conflicts out of various reasons. I prefer not to remind some of them out of certain elegance, but there are others such as, by example, the budget for 2010. During the last meeting, she took RON 1.5 billion from the Ministry of Transportation, and when I reviewed the budget to see where the money went, I noticed that it went to the Ministry of Development, to be spent on all those useless things.”

“Boc told us: Sirs, we are going to have another meeting on Monday, because I want to send the budget for 2010 to the Parliament. And when I sat down at the table, I discovered that RON 1.5 billion was missing. And when I saw where the money went, I told the Prime Minister: “This is not possible, I cannot complete my assignments this way.” Boc answered to me: “Mr. Berceanu, this is it! If you do not agree, you know what you have to do.” And I said to myself: “OK, let me think whether I should resign. I was stupid for not doing so”, Radu Berceanu, former Transportation Minister declared in a phone intervention for Romania TV.

Asked why Elena Udrea had such influence in the Government, Berceanu replied shortly: “Call Boc. He will tell you”.

“At that time, there was not necessarily a conflict between us. Obviously, I was not constantly complimenting her on her looks and brain, as other people did”, Berceanu further mentioned.

Their second conflict came with the elections for the PDL Gorj County Council management, by the end of November 2010.


I have no problem to be faced with Sandu


“I had no central-level position in the party since 2000. Perhaps Ms. Udrea was busy with other things and failed to find out. (…) I was attending the Permanent National Bureau (BPN) only as a Minister because that was the rule, they were calling us there, but I never voted, because I was not allowed to.

(…) I never accompanied Mr. President Basescu anywhere during the 2009 campaign. First of all, because I was a Minister and second, because I was busy with the campaign in Dolj. It was a difficult campaign, because the  Senator of Dolj was Mr. Mircea Geoana, Traian Basescu’s opponent for Presidency. So, they gave me the assignment: “Deal with things in Dolj, don’t come anywhere, you have no other responsibility”.

I’ve only talked to Sandu 10 to 15 times in my life, never in private and never on a subject like this. He also declared that he was pressured by prosecutors to turn some people in if he wanted to be among the good guys. I have no problem to be confronted with Sandu face to face at any time”, Radu Berceanu concluded.

Gabriel Sandu, former Communication Minister in the Boc Government, declared in front of DNA prosecutors in the Microsoft file inquiry of January that some of the money he received as a bribe was also shared with fomer Ministers Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu and Roberta Anastase. Moreover, the information was reiterated by Elena Udrea twice on her Facebook page, once in February and once this Monday.


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