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February 3, 2023

Ex-CCR judge Toni Grebla released from prison awaiting trial

The former Constitutional Court Judge, Toni Greblă, charged with corruption offences, has been released from remand awaiting trial, after the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) decided on Wednesday to decline DNA’s request to place the ex-constitutional judge under house arrest. Whilst binding, the decision is not final, and may be challenged by the anti-corruption prosecutors.

Toni Grebla, has been released as his 24h detention order expired and the Court is now to decide on the house arrest request made by the prosecutors in his case.

‘None in their right mind would not start operating in trade during this period and I also don’t think that would be a crime. Those goats are not my property. Since the beginning I have said that, in November 2014, my god-son brought my wife a present consisting of two dresses’, Grebla said after he left the Appeal Court Marshall on Wednesday.

The ex-constitutional judge also spoke about the detention conditions and stressed that he had resigned all offices he held.

‘The Romanian society must find its way in this world. Detention conditions are as they are, but they are bearable. I have resigned all offices, I am now a regular person and I am not going to make any public statements because I no longer have the official capacity from where I could state my opinion. I am an individual person and I am going to conduct myself as such, like any regular person’, Toni Grebla also said.

The former CCR judge was detained by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors on Tuesday in the case where he had been charged with corruption offences including influence peddling.

A former Gorj prefect and PSD senator, Toni Grebla is charged by the prosecutors for supporting his god-son Ion Bircina, a famous underworld figure, for his company to obtain a number of public contracts in exchange for EUR 56,000 and dresses for his wife.

Toni Grebla was accused of supporting illegal exports to the Russian Federation in spite of the embargo set by Moscow against EU member states.

Before Toni Grebla came out of the DN building after being detained for 24 hours, his lawyer, Petre Buneci, had told the press that the prosecutors brought a new change against his client – that he had tried to sell 50 goats through other persons, also noting that the former judge no longer owned the goats since 6 February.



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