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October 22, 2021

Udrea attacks Kovesi on Facebook: She petted Blaga. Iohannis’s entourage is protected

With the help of her communication team, Elena Udrea launched on Facebook a new attack against Laura Codruta Kovesi, the head of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), and against General Florian Coldea, the Deputy Director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), accusing them of “exercising power in Romania in an occult manner.” Udrea claims that the latest statements made by the head of DNA, statements with which she “exonerated and petted Vasile Blaga, in fact reveal the protection that PNL’s leaders and the new President’s entourage enjoy.”


With the help of her communication team, Elena Udrea reacted to the statements made on Tuesday by DNA Director Laura Codruta Kovesi


“The statements made on Tuesday by DNA’s Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, statements through which she exonerated and petted Vasile Blaga, in fact prove the protection that PNL’s leaders and the new President’s entourage enjoy in this period. They are basically immune because they are needed in order to change the Parliamentary majority. We could agree with Mrs. Kovesi’s statement that denunciations were not enough if there wasn’t a logical fracture that is clear even for a first grader: in the case of Dorin Cocos and Gabriel Sandu house arrest was ruled in the Microsoft case, on the basis of denunciations that mention Vasile Blaga and other PNL leaders. A sign that prosecutors believed the veracity of the statements and have evidence in this sense. Especially since Dorin Cocos has presented concrete accounts and invoices in support of his statements,” Elena Udrea writes.

Moreover, she complains that in her case “decisions imposed by the DNA leadership were taken even though there were only denunciations that appeared out of the blue and only in the last stretch of the investigation. So the argument of Mrs. Kovesi does not hold water.”

“To make it very clear, Elena Udrea does not fight against and does not attack state institutions. SRI, DNA or the High Court. On the contrary, prosecutors and judges are people that the former minister trusts they will act correctly. The only observation is that maybe there is the need for a bit more courage in enforcing the law. Elena Udrea’s fight is with the heads of two institutions: Laura Codruta Kovesi and Florian Coldea, who exercise power in Romania in an occult manner. Elena Udrea is not and will never be a victim. Those who try to present her as a broken person are seriously mistaken. However, she is an obvious target and the developments in her legal cases (including the information that appeared yesterday in the press) poignantly prove this. TruthWithoutHandcuffs,” the message posted by Elena Udrea’s communication team reads.



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