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January 27, 2023

Basescu: DNA cannot accuse me of anything, nobody can state on the basis of evidence that I took bribe

Traian Basescu is increasingly vehement when he comes to Elena Udrea’s defence. The former president claims that both he and the former Tourism Minister are two targets for television channels but avoids saying that the two of them are targets for state institutions.

“Categorically, I and Elena Udrea are two moving targets for the television channel of the old snitch Felix and for the television channel of the young snitch Ghita. I can’t believe that state institution can make me their target. Of course any person has to offer explanations,” Basescu stated on Thursday when leaving the PMP headquarters.

The former president also claims that the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) cannot accuse him of anything because nobody can state on the basis of evidence that he took a bribe. “As much as some would like, I don’t have the outlook of ending up there for the simple fact that there is no person in Romania that could say he gave me a cent. Many could say that but they would have to prove it. I am not nervous,” Basescu added.

In what concerns the Elena Udrea case, Basescu states that he maintains his point of view. “I have the conviction that the judiciary will be fair in Elena Udrea’s case and the denunciations will not be proven, because Elena Udrea is not the kind of person to whom one could go with a bag full of money,” the former president stated.

Traian Basescu also made some statements about the Microsoft case. “Someone was saying that Basescu knew about Microsoft. I never denied the fact that since 2012 I received from intelligence services reports on the acts, but the acts had already been made, I could no longer prevent them. I saw how the propagandists of lies were rolling their eyes talking about how Basescu told Vreme to no longer talk to Sandu. I can’t tell anyone not to talk to someone, but I sure recommended him to see what he did while he was at the ministry,” Traian Basescu added.




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