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February 1, 2023

Bucharest Mayor Oprescu receives French Legion of Honour in rank of Chevalier, wants closer cooperation with Paris and France

Bucharest Mayor Sorin Oprescu said upon receiving the French Legion of Honour in rank of Chevalier on Thursday he wanted a closer collaboration with France; he pointed out there were fields fit for concrete projects.

‘I wish an even closer collaboration with Paris, with France. We have countless fields where we can work together on concrete projects, from culture and social assistance to urbanism. I hope my upcoming visit to Paris will offer the chance of laying the foundations of an even stronger collaboration than we had so far. Besides the special link we want between the two capitals, we are united by the Europe project,’ Oprescu declared upon receiving the distinction from Jean-Marc Todeschini, State Secretary for Veterans and Memory of the French Defence Ministry.

The Mayor voiced his belief in France and Paris being alongside Bucharest for building a developed, modern, strong Romania. ‘This is the only way our country can exploit its full human, cultural, economic and geopolitical potential,’ he mentioned.

According to Oprescu, France was always ‘a support, a trusted ally, an elder sister’ of Romania, and whole generations of Romanians grew with the model of French culture an civilization.

‘We have always felt you close, we felt you as fellows, and the feeling proved to be mutual, irrespective of times. We think and feel the same and this has united and still unites us fundamentally. It is our force that no one can take away (…) a range of our people who studied in Paris, in the National School of Administration; today they are present in Romania and try to change it,’ Oprescu added.

He also announced he will visit Paris in ten days.

We have a pretty full agenda. We will discuss firstly the urbanism side with the support of experts of the Paris municipality, of the University of Architecture, managing to find out whether we can, with our experts’ input, to definitively set up some structural elements of the general urbanism plan, in order to make Bucharest look like a European city,’ Oprescu detailed.

Todeschini declared that the decoration of Bucharest’s mayor rewards both his specialist physician career ant his political career in the service of the Romanian capital.

He hailed Oprescu’s commitment and working capacity in the service of his fellow citizens and appreciated his involvement in the improvement of the living standards of Bucharest inhabitants and in the modernization of the city.

‘Your professional and public work is built upon the values highlighted by the Order of the Legion of Honour,’ the French official added.

The event was attended by Prime Minister Victor Ponta, former President Emil Constantinescu, Academy member Constantin Balaceanu-Stolnici and Professor Adrian Streinu-Cercel, M.D.


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