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February 2, 2023

DNA requests withholding and arrest of senator Dan Sova

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) chief-prosecutor, Laura Codruta Kovesi asked the Prosecutor General to notify the Romanian Senate for the endorsement of withholding and preventive arrest of senator Dan Sova, for three criminal acts of accessory to office abuse.

The said criminal acts refer to a corruption case at the Turceni, Rovinari energy complexes.

According to a DNA release on Friday, sent Agerpres out of the criminal prosecution files resulted that over 2007-2009, Dan Sova has signed several contracts and additional documents closed between the Rovinari Energy Complex (CER) and the Turceni Energy Complex (CET), on the one hand, and the SCA ‘Sova and Associates’, on the other hand.

‘It resulted that Dan Sova, in his capacity of ?coordinating lawyer’, a mention that is expressly written in all of these contracts, has participated in several talks connected to the respective documents, went to the CER and CET headquarters and to other institutions, by effectively contributing to sealing these agreements, providing in addition legal advice under these contracts and additional documents. On February 20 2015, through a chosen defender, 11 Minutes were submitted to the file, drafted over 2005-2009, of the Associates’ General Assembly of the ?Sova and Associates’ Law Civil Company (SCA), unstamped, but signed illegibly by suspect Sova and two other persons. Likewise, the long of February 2015, searches and hearings took place,’ the release reads.

DNA specifies that in connection with these documents, a reasonable doubt of being false exists, meaning they are backdated, they show a state of fact inexistent at the said dates, and their contents is so made that it matches the current interest of Dan Sova, given the media scandal regarding the legal advice contracts signed with the Rovinari and Turceni energy complexes.

‘Practically, after delivering the evidence, we find that over December 2005 – January 2009, 20-30 decisions were endorsed which had other agenda than the ones recorded in all of the 11 Minutes. The false nature of the 11 records reveals actions of a special gravity on behalf of the suspect Sova, a criminal activity oriented clearly to obstructing investigation, a fact that endangers gravely the public interest’s objectives of the criminal prosecution and thus for the achievement of criminal justice in general. Forgery of the contents of the 11 Minutes by Sova is itself a criminal activity by which it was tried to induce and accredit the idea that he did not get involved in closing the three contracts,’ the prosecutors say.

The source also says that in 2010, from Dan Sova’s disposition, all hard-disks of the lawyers’ company were destroyed with the goal to compromise all documents and e-mail between the lawyers’ company and the leaderships of the two energy complexes.


DNA mentions that the demand submitted to the General Prosecutor was also attached to, the report prepared by the prosecutors who make the case’s researches and six volumes with the copies of the criminal investigation case.


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