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February 3, 2023

Elena Udrea, confession under arrest: Handcuffed visit to the gynecologist

On Wednesday evening, Elena Udrea posted a new message on Facebook, through her communication team, announcing that she was being forced to go to a gynecologic exam, just to tell personally the doctor that she did not wish to be examined. Moreover, Udrea described the humiliating situation, mentioning that, besides the “shame of appearing handcuffed in front of the gynecologist, it is completely useless to squander so much money on carrying her with a van to the hospital and back, as long as she may exercise her right to refuse in front of the doctor at the arrest department”.

Here is the post on Udrea’s Facebook page, signed as usual in the last few weeks by the “communication team”.


“Handcuffed to the gynecologist”


Tomorrow morning (on Thursday, editor’s note), against her will, Elena Udrea will be carried to the Dimitrie Gerota Hospital for a gynecologic exam. Although she declared that she did not want to undergo this exam, she will be still carried in handcuffs to exercise her right to refuse in front of the gynecologist at the hospital.

What stupid rules can force women to such a humiliating situation? Besides the shame of appearing handcuffed in front of the gynecologist, why would anyone need to squander on transportation to the hospital and back by van, as long as they can exercise their right to refuse in front of the doctor at the arrest?” Elena Udrea’s Facebook message wondered.

The Bucharest Police Department issued a reply


In a press release published by ziare.com. the Bucharest Police officials announced that persons in prison are granted medical care but can refuse, in writing, a medical exam.

“According to Law 254 / 2013 on the execution of sentences and freedom-depriving measures ordered by legal institutions during a criminal trials, imprisoned persons are granted medical care.

As for the gynecologic exam, it is part of the medical exams, yet, if the person refuses being examined, the exam will not be performed. (The refusal must be made in a written statement)”, the quoted source explained.








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