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February 3, 2023

Microsoft file: Gh. Stefan admits to influence peddling, financing Basescu’s electoral campaign with some of the bribe money

Suspended Mayor of Piatra Neamt Gheorghe Stefan told prosecutors that some of the bribe of millions of euro circulated in the deal with Microsoft licences was used to finance Traian Basescu’s electoral campaign in 2009. The Mayor is the last of the accused in this file that remained under preventive arrest and the last to make a denounce.

The same information was the key that brought back the rest of the defendants in the Microsoft file to prison.

“After over four months behind bars, it was the first time that Gheorghe Stefan made a detailed declaration in front of judges. He admitted to influence peddling besides former Minister Gabriel Sandu. He admitted having known from the other informants, from intermediary, that some of the money was going to PDL, to finance the campaign”, Andreea Georgescu, reporter for Digi24 announced.

Legal sources even say that Gheorghe Stefan had pronounced even the name of President Traian Basescu in Court. The bribe from the illegal Microsoft deal was meant to support Basescu’s presidential campaign. The lawyer of the suspended Mayor of Piatra Neamt is trying to protect his client though.

“Definitely not, this name is not mentioned in the Microsoft file”. Next, the reporter asked whether some of the money was used in the campaign of 2009. “He actually received none of this money, nobody knows where the money went”,  says Felicia Adiaconitei, Gheorghe Stefan’s lawyer.

Actualy, the first denounce suggesting that the money from Microsoft contracts went to the accounts of PDL was made by Communications Minister Gabriel Sandu. He gave a written statement that his presence in the Government depended on his will to finance the presidential campaign of 2009. The leaders of the party even imposed him to meet potential sponsors in private.

“At the beginning, I was afraid that I failed to understand how things worked, but after I comprehended it, I was even more afraid to denounce it. From the smallest civil servants and up to the presidential campaign, everybody was taking advantage of the corporate gifts stolen from public contributions or commissions”, the denounce made by Gabriel Sandu showed.

Last month. Former President Traian Basescu vehemently denied these statements: “What I do know for sure is that in PDL, nobody handled any money. If somebody came to me and said that he wanted to make a sponsorship, I replied: ‘Go to the cashier’s office, my friend!’

Traian Basescu was belied by Elena Udrea no later than the following day: “It is not a secret. This is how electoral campaigns are financed. You all pretend not to know. The society, the political class, the press – they all pretend not to know. Ask Iohannis and Ponta. How did they finance their campaigns. The same, you will see”.



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